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How To Blog About Soccer

Updated on February 10, 2011

Welcome to the beginners guide to blogging about 'The People's Game'

I'm sure that if you have arrived at this page then you either have a very keen interest in football/soccer and it's going's on's, or you have some opinions you'd like to share with the attentive world.

I am here to try and give you some pointers and advice on how to structure a blog that will give your readers the enjoyment they should receive whilst perusing your posts.

  • First and foremost the up-most important thing I can advise is make sure you know your stuff. Research anything that you may be looking to put into your blog/post, professionalism is paramount, and the accuracy of facts and references will illustrate the fact that you are serious and are dedicated to producing top quality writing.
  • Personal views and judgements are a 'marmite' area, some people like them, and some people do not. Personally I think they are brilliant, I think it gives a sense of a 'pub discussion' about writers that give personality to their posts, some to the point of rants in some cases!! But the probability of the Masses enjoying this is going to be small however, some will find this awkward to read and therefor not enjoyable.
  • Make the posts interesting, there is nothing worse than drifting off into the land of nod whilst reading. So don't let your readers flirt with the sandman when reading your items, keep paragraphs short and straight to the point. Try and put little breaks in there, by either photo's, videos, links etc to give your followers the feeling of a pleasant experience.
  • Make sure you check your posts before and after publishing them! This means spelling, grammar, and general appearance of the blog must be checked, and if your not happy with it, don't publish it. The world isn't going anywhere, take your time and publish the best blog you feel you can. This is meant to be enjoyable remember!!
  • Make your headlines appealing to the eye. Snappy headlines draw the eye in and entice people to read blogs and posts that they might not have before.
  • Keep your views and ideas consistent, as well as the style in which you document these things. You don't want to alienate people with conflicting views and styles, the content is the variable here and that is how it should stay.
  • As this is a blog that will revolve around a team sport, there is a very high chance that you have or follow a specific team, this is of course perfectly fine but just remember not everyone will be a fan of the same team, player etc. It can be seen as fun though if a relationship is struck up with fans and readers/bloggers of rival views.

The most important thing to bear in mind is always enjoy your writing, because if you do not enjoy writing the posts, then the chances are that people won't enjoy reading them.....


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