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How To Catch Bass In The Fall

Updated on September 19, 2013

How To Catch Bass In The Fall

The best time of the year to catch big bass are in the fall or in the early spring. I think you'll find that the fall of the year is the best time of the year for catching that big bass. You will find this to be true because of the below reasons.

1. Bass school together in large schools during this time of year and when you have schools of fish you have more of a chance to catch more bass.It is in the fall of the year that you'll often catch more than one bass in your favorite hole. You need to use skill to cast your bait beyond the bass and then reel the bait or lure back to the bass so the bass will go for it.

2. In most areas the water temperature will be cooling down and one of the key results of this will be more oxygen in the water.

3. The cooler water temperatures will result in the bass being more active and active bass will result in hungry bass that will be ready to bite on what ever bait or lure you throw at them. But you need to be careful how you present your lure or bait. You also need to learn how your crayfish lure would act if it was a real crayfish.

4. In the fall of the year just before the winter sets in you'll find that bass will strike at almost anything you throw at them. They know that the cold weather is coming and they are hungry so be sure you go bass fishing at this time of the year.

Some of the most important things you need to know when you go fall bass fishing are.

1. You need to know where the deep water is close to shallow water and you need to fish your lures or bait by casting out into the deep water and reel back towards the shallow water. Watch for strikes where the water goes from deep to shallow. The big bass will often follow the bait or lure out of the deep water and bite it just before or just after it enters the shallow water.You will find that bass like to hang out in the shallow warmer water if they deeper water they can run to if there is trouble. Farm ponds are a great place to bass fish. Once you learn the layout of the pond you should have some real success with the bass.

2. You should know the temperature of the water you are fishing in and you'll usually catch more bass where the water gets warmer. The bass will be less active in the cooler deeper water. In the late afternoons in fall the bass will hang out at the edges of the deep water. Cast beyond the bass into the deep water and reel back to where you think the bass are waiting. You will soon know if they are there.

3. If there are aquatic plants try to find out where they are the thickest and fish along the edges of the thickest under water plants and you'll often catch a big bass here. In the early fall before the water cools off this is the perfect place to try a large night crawler under a clear plastic bobber. Let it seem to drift along and a big bass may just take it.

Remember that if the bass are in the shallows today and a cold front moves through over night that the bass will move deeper into the warmer water that will not yet have had time to cool off. If you will fish deep after a cool front moves through you will often be rewarded with a big bass or two. This may be a great time to work a worm slowly along the bottom. Be sure that you feel for a bass picking up the worm and when you do set the hook and reel in your big bass.

Spinner baits and crank baits will usually work great in the fall of the year. Try to purchase a variety of deep diving crank baits and you will usually catch bass. You may have luck with a top worked bait like a floating minnow or a crayfish also. The big bass will be quite active at this time of year and will often bite on things that you could throw at them all day at other times of the year and never get a bite.

If your fishing a farm pond in the fall of the year work the deepest water and also work the area where the water goes from shallow to deep. If you can catch one bass at this time of year the odds are that you'll catch another. I have had a lot of luck at this time of year in farm ponds with a realistic looking green lizard just throwing it out and slowly reeling it in.

I have also found this a good time of the year to fish a live night crawler a little deeper than usual under a plastic clear float. I get more strikes when I use clear plastic floats than I ever do when I use the typical red and white float. Hook the night crawler in the middle and bounce it up and down from time to time to keep the night crawler moving.

Another bait I often have a lot of success with in the fall of the year are big grasshoppers hooked through the back and fished with a clear plastic float. I reel in the grasshopper a few feet at a time and bounce my rod to keep the grasshopper moving and quite often I get huge strikes from big bass this way. I know for a fact that when I fish grasshoppers with clear floats that I get more bass strikes than if I used red and white or yellow floats. I think you'll find that the clear plastic floats will work really well in farm ponds.

I keep a journal with nots on each farm pond that I fish. If you'll keep careful detailed notes you can refer back to them and get some really good ideals about where the bass are and what they are likely to take. In the late fall I find that in a farm pond I can do really well with a orange or red worm with a small spinner on it. I'm not sure if the bass thinks it is a worm or if the bass just strikes at the movement. But in a farm pond this will work really well. I've taken some large bass this way. And I bet you can to.

You can catch more and bigger bass in the fall of the year than at any other time so what are you waiting on. Why not try some of the above tips this weekend or next fall. I want to thank you for reading my Hub Page on fall bass fishing and I hope you catch a big bass soon. Please feel free to post your comments below now and thanks for reading.

You can be very successful fishing for bass in the fall of the year.
You can be very successful fishing for bass in the fall of the year.

Please post your comments about fall bass fishing now and thanks for reading.

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    • crazyhorsesghost profile image

      Thomas Byers 6 years ago from East Coast , United States

      Thanks very much. And yes I love to fish. Especially for bass and trout.

    • maddot profile image

      maddot 6 years ago from Northern NSW, Australia

      Can't go wrong with a fishing hub! Good hub..thanks.