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Best folding knife

Updated on May 30, 2014

Best Pocket Knife

Choosing a pocket knife is a complex task and should be approached with much thought. Pocket knives are simple tools we may use everyday, or they my sit in our pocket for months at a time without any use. Regardless, when the time comes to use your new pocket knife you will want to be sure it is efficient at the job at hand.

Intended Use

There are knives that are designed to do different jobs. There are knives for opening boxes, cutting rope, skinning deer, or camping and hiking. Not to mention a dozen other duties. Decide what your knife will mostly be used for. Decide whether you need a serrated blade, plain blade, or a combination of both. Pictured below is an example of the three types.

combination blade
combination blade
Serrated blade
Serrated blade

The Features That Matter

1. It is important that your pocket knife is light-weight and compact. You will be carrying this in your pocket everyday, so this is a must.

2. Your pocket knife must have a locking feature. This is imperative for safety reasons.

3. A thick and sharp blade is a necessity for heavy duty use and dependability.

4. An important feature to have is a finger stud. This allows for one handed opening.

5. Made of steel that stays sharp and is easy to sharpen.

6. The handle should feel solid and well fabricated.

7. Rubber or textured handles for a sure grip.

8. Make sure your knife is made of quality materials.

9. Your pocket knife should open freely every time.

plain blade
plain blade

Take Care Of Your Pocket Knife

Whichever knife you pick, it is very important you take very good care of it. Keep it clean. You can do this by running it under warm water and then drying it completely with a dry cloth. Always keep your knife well lubricated. You can use 3 in one 1 for this. Apply the oil to your knife then rub into all the moving parts. Keep your knife sharp, Buy a sharpening stone, and when your knife becomes dull sharpen it right away. Some knives come with a lifetime warranty, so keep your receipt. Enjoy your new knife and take care of it.


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    • profile image

      truparad0x 4 years ago

      Great hub! I've carried a folder for as long as I can remember. They are just so helpful to have when you need to open a box or cut open a bag. I've carried many and lost many, but now I'm carrying a Gerber Evo Jr. I was getting sick of losing pricier knives, so went with my current. Go figure that I can't seem to lose this one now. I keep it razor sharp and is easily the sharpest knife I have next to my cooking knives.