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Disney Fun For All Ages

Updated on February 14, 2016

Fun With Mickey


The Wonderful World Of Disney

It is every kids dream to go to Disney , and why not what is more fun than rides, characters and shows! Without proper planning your trip can be the trip from you know what, especially when there are small kids involved. The best time to arrive at the parks is when they open. Lines are much less crowded, less hot and it is when the kids are there best.

Magic Kingdom


Magic Kingdom is where all the fairy tales come true. It is best to arrive about a half hour before the park opens. Right before they open the doors the Magic Kingdom perform a opening show just before they open their gates. Head down mainstreet and go strait for Fantasy land. The first ride you want to go on is Snow White. Snow white lines get so long that it is best to do that first, followed by Peter Pan, Dumbo, and then Small world, Head over to Ariels grotto to meet little mermaid for auto graphs and pictures. Mickeys PhilharMagic is absolutely amazing and runs as a show, It is a nice place to cool off . Next head over to Haunted mansion, there are many interactive areas to play with while you wait on line. Pirates of the Caribean is a definately must see. The fun boat ride through the caverns and the singing pirates leave you singing a pirates life for me all day long. You will find that in fronteir land. If you have bigger kids they will love the flume ride of splash mountain and roaring thunder roller coaster. Alladin's ride is much like dumbo but you fly on magic carpets. Don't forget to purchase your turkey leg. It taste amazing. Back at the castle shows and parades run through out the day. I definately recommend doing lunch in the castle. Waiters are funny and you might even get a chance to meet Cinderella for pictures before you ride the elevator up to the castle, but don't hit the B button in the elevator that will take you to Cinderellas bedroom. At night Magic Kingdom is very magical. You may want to take a break in the afternoon to put the kids in for a nap because at night they have a amazing fireworks display at the castle. If you look up to the right of the castle you will get a glimpse of tinkerbell and you can see her fly down across the sky. Whats more magical than that. Next you can head down Mainstreet to watch the Electric parade. We like to sit by the entrance. That is where the parade starts and you can head out right after and beat the crowds.

Animal Kingdom


Animal Kingdom is another park that is best to arrive early. My favorite is the Safari ride. I suggest you fast pass this and then go wait on line the minute you get in the park. The animals are up early and moving around. Kids will love seeing the animals up close and you ride through the safari on a jeep. When the safari ends you can go back on a second time with your fast pass and walk practically right on. You may even see new animals the second time around or they may come even closer to the jeep than the first trip. This is definately worth doing it twice.

Disney has all sorts of hidden magic throughout their parks and especially in Animal Kingdom.

Look for the girl that looks like a vine in the trees . She is on stilts and moves very slowly you can hardly notice her. She is opposite the drums.

Bugs life is in the big tree. Check out all the amazing carvings as you wait on line. Lots to do in amimal kingdom for both small kids and big kids



Epcot has many attractions some for young, old and teens. They also have all the different countries you can vist. At each country you can make a craft for a passport. If you are pressed for time on your stay I would stick with magic Kingdom for small children. If you have a park hopper you can even hop from Magic Kingdom to Epcot on the monorail. Epcot also has fireworks at night, but my favorite is the fireworks in Magic Kingdom.



MGM has many shows for little kids just make sure you plan your day right and find out when each show is running or you may spend your day back and forth across the park. They also have a huge play area for Honey I shrunk the kids. At night they have Mickeys Fantastic which is a laser show. You have to get on line early to make sure you get in.

Money Saving Tips

When it comes to bringing in food to the parks Disney is wonderful. You can bring in coolers with drinks snacks and sandwiches with out any problem. Disney will check all bags upon entering but they are ok with any food you bring into their parks. This is a big way to save some money, food can be expensive so save some money to buy some great Disney souvenirs for your kids to wear in the parks. My kids always loved the lanyards and pins. You can buy a started set for 25 to 30 dollars. It comes with 6 pins and you can trade your pins with any Disney employee. It was a great way to interact with the workers while waiting on line or shopping in the stores. Some pins even have hidden Mickeys. This has been an all time favorite for my kids to do. Also for little ones don't forget the book and pen for the characters to sign.

I love Disney! I could go there year after year. My kids are now teens and we have been going there since they were little. I would love to help you with any questions you have about Disney or any concerns you might have traveling with little ones. We have done it all and went during peak season. So Ask away..........

So, Do you have any questions?

I would love to help you plan your trip to Disney, Have questions, need advice, Ask away.


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    • oldersister profile image

      oldersister 5 years ago

      We have only visited Walt Disney World in Florida. But Disney sure knows how to make it a magical experience. I have heard that Disney in California is much smaller than the park in Florida. My girls actually traded some pins for some Euro Disney Pins. They were really cool

    • freecampingaussie profile image

      freecampingaussie 5 years ago from Southern Spain

      We took our girls to Euro Disney in France which was great fun ! I have also been to Disneyland in LA with 1 daughter . She recently took her children there !Some more photos on here would be great, Found you while hubhopping .