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How To Go Fishing

Updated on October 22, 2011

Do you bear in mind when you were a kid, and you said your father, "Hey, Dad lets go on fishing?”. Fishing is a huge fun when you really catch something. Therefore, sometimes you return home sunburned and with your hands empty.

In addition, there is one significant piece of information you have to learn while fishing and that is patience. For with no patience, most of the people just give up and attempt to catch fish by moving from place to place. Although when people go on fishing most of them think that the fish are only going to jump in the boat with them, or jump at the lure or hook that is hanging in the water.

This is not correct at all that is why people call it fishing, if fishing was that simple and easy then every person would be out on the lake and the whole world would run out of fish. Fishing is like any other game or sport. Fine that is how fishing is you had to do at it before you can be a good at fishing.

Bass Fishing

Bass fishing is very easy especially when you contain live worms. You can only put a worm on the hook and allow it sits out in the water and at last a fish will try to consume your worm. On the other side, you can apply plastic lures; many Bass Anglers utilize plastic worms, spinner baits, top water jigs and jerk baits.

Most of these baits need slight jerks from either the right or the left, and many anglers pull vertically on the pole. This causes the bait to pull across the water or further down in the water depending on what kind of lure you are having.

Under no conditions must you move from spot to spot trying to catch fish, merely stay put and sometimes the product is good and sometimes you will not catch any fish that is why people call it fishing and not catching at fish.

The Best Way to Relax - Go Out For Fishing

It may seem strange to some, but going out for fishing can make you relax, forget your problems and de-stress. Fishing is ahead popularity as a good sport just like golf amid people especially in the United States.

People decide their fishing getaways with a huge deal of enthusiasm and passion because it gives them a chance to get away from the busy life, from their everyday troubles at work and also some personal issues.

If you go to see fishing can add towards the healthy development of your self. It is applicable for everybody, whether a woman, man, a husband or a wife, a father or a mother or a working woman or home maker to take a little bit off for themselves. 

This gives them the space and time to invigorate and re-energize. This break contributes them from taking up tackling and responsibility what lies ahead of them in a good way.

You can do anything you like in this 'your time'. It could be pleasing in a hobby, only taking a reading, nap, going out, taking short getaway tours and for some going out for fishing.

How To Go Fishing At Night?

Learn Fish Habits

Fish behave in a different manner after dark. With no light, they just depend on their sonar senses. Small nerve endings around the face and along the middle line of both sides pick up the least vibrations of bait movement, spinning of artificial lures and wiggling.

And because predator fish can not see as well at night, smaller pan fish will come out of large cover to roam about in search of food. These include rock bass, bluegills, sunfish, crappies, small bass, yellow perch and small catfish.

Try fishing around lily pads, weeds, brush and some other pan fish hangouts. Dip the bait and move it around till you catch your first fish.

Where there is one, there normally are more. Keep attempting different depths until you start catching fish. If you do not catch fish within your instant area, try casting aside farther. Finally, you will catch the fish. 

Bass Fishing Lure Tips


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    • hassam profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Pakistan


    • Michael Shane profile image

      Michael Shane 

      8 years ago from Gadsden, Alabama

      Man! You hooked a nice bass! I have a some really good wallhangers fishing in the dark! Great hub!


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