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How To Make A Camp Stove

Updated on July 3, 2013
Gotta Love Camping
Gotta Love Camping



1 Gallon sized coffee/food can

An all or a drill with a bit for metal

A Measuring tape

A permanent Marker

A piece of hardware cloth or grate to lay across the top of the can

Small pieces of wood or wood pellets

A pan to cook in

Note: As with any open flame or cooking device use extreme caution.

1. Measure 1" from the bottom of the can and 1" from the top of the can.

2. Mark several dots along these lines for holes

3. Punch or drill holes using the drill or all. These holes allow for the circulation of air to keep the fire going while the pan is on top of it.

4. Place small pieces of wood at the bottom of the can. In order to get the fire started you will need paper or some other form of fire starter.

5. Place the grate or hardware cloth on the top of the can.

There you have it a handmade camp stove. This can be used over and over again. Great for backyard s'mores or surviving the wilderness. This can easily be carried in a pack on hiking excursions.

Open flames are prohibited in many hiking and back packing areas so this design is perfect since it is not an open flame. Check where you plan to hike and see what the rules are before hiking in.

Using wood, bark and leaves on your journey means that you don't have to carry fuel such as propane canisters in your pack and makes this a nice stove for longer journeys because your fuel, wood is always right on the ground.

When you have a portable camp stove and easy access to fuel as noted above it makes meal planning easier. You can plan ahead on what light weight items to bring that are easy to make or heat up.

Having trail mix and other snacks on hand for the hiking part of your journey helps keep you nourished throughout your journey.

Camping / Backpacking Food Ideas and Overview

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    • mepperly profile image

      Shelly Epperly 4 years ago from Vancouver,WA

      Teaches12345, You can always do it in your backyard... I am not a fan of camping but this looks fun, I agree.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 4 years ago

      I wish I loved to camp, this makes me want to go out and enjoy the backwoods. Great way to enjoy a meal outdoors.