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How To Use Nunchucks Safely

Updated on January 22, 2010

How To Use Nunchucks

Nunchucks, also known as Nunchaku, have been known as the perfect martial arts weapon. For those who don't know, Nunchucks are sticks made of metal or hardwood, which are linked together by chain or rope.

This skill is very challenging, and the martial arts techniques used to control nunchucks must be practiced again and again to master them.


The first step is to enroll yourself in martial arts training classes. Although the Japanese styles most commonly use nunchuck techniques, however Filipino, Korean taekwondi, Okinawa, and Chinese martial arts schools also offer extensive training in nunchuck usage.

You will need to use every precaution when first learning to use nunchucks. When this martial arts weapon is not fully under control it can leave a bump on the user's head and annihilate any object nearby. Because of this, you should practice in an open space which is free from obstructions.

You will need to control the movement of your nunchucks. To help with this, get a feel for the weight of your weapon. You will notice the pendulum-like swing from the sticks. Then, hold one stick very firmly. Twirl the attached stick slowly. Practicing will help you get a feel for the weapon, which is the first step in learning the correct way to control it.

While grasping the weapon firmly, you will need to maintain your flexibility. Standing with your legs about a shoulder width apart, move your set of nunchucks in a slow swinging arc to the side of one's body. Then, do a slow pass of your nunchucks from one hand to the other. Although this weapon is supposed to be used at high speeds, do not try this until your feel confident you are ready. Because nunchucks having a swinging and flexible design you can expect to receive many bruised knuckles and other bumps.

Its a good idea to try different styles of martial arts schools and nunchucks. There are many different styles to use this weapon, which is said to take on the spirit and characteristics of their users. Becoming "one with the nunchucks" can take tens upon hundreds of hours of practicing and many bags of ice and bruises left upon your skin. In the end, the weapon should become and extension of the fighter.

Once you have learned and mastered the corret and safe usage of nunchucks, you'll need to learn how to use them as a weapon. To do so, I recommend the link below:



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