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How squats and deadlifts increase your waist size?

Updated on April 26, 2011

Squats and dead lifts increase the size of your waist, how? Your waist might get small if you will keep on wearing a waist belt at all times and you only do the Smith machines, etc. do you know by doing that your real world strength will be pathetically low and you will be more prone to injuries.

A simple example on how this happens: Suppose that you have to bend down to pick up a 50 pound box, which your legs can tolerate easily, but unless you walk around wearing a waist belt in your day to day life, your stabilizers will not remain strong enough to lift such light weights and will easily result in a tear or pull.

Any and all sports-specific strength is out of question here. You are not able to jump high, run fast, or throw far or do any type of activities which other athletes can do because your core has been involved in all this and you have intentionally kept yourself weak just because you want your mid section to look some inches slimmer.

No, this is not good, but it is good to let your mid section grow some inches with regular free weight training and then make your lats and chest to grow several inches more to compensate.

Ronnie Coleman has said in interviews that he goes throughout his daily life wearing a belt. That's got to be sad.

You cannot even be with your girlfriend without having a belt on?

Forget it. Big muscular abs aren't a problem.

Just make your upper and lower body bigger to compensate.

Some people say squats and deadlifts thickens my waist, what do you say

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