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How to Buy Junior Golf Clubs

Updated on June 20, 2011

Shopping for kids’ golf clubs is an important part of introducing a child to the game of golf. There are several things you’ll want to look for in junior golf equipment. With the right golf gear, kids learn to enjoy a game that they can play for a lifetime. Getting the right golf clubs for kids is important to their initial enjoyment of the game.

Although you don't have to have the very best equipment to learn golf, a decent set goes a long way toward learning golf and enjoying it. Advances have been made in junior clubs just as in adult models.

Junior Clubs are Best

It used to be that dad would cut down his old clubs for the kids children to bang around. But today’s kids’ golf clubs are designed to fit the body size of a child. They are made differently to accommodate for a child’s body size, arm length, swing, and grip. Establishing a proper swing can be difficult if the child has problems swinging the club because it is too heavy, too long, or they can’t grasp it properly. The wrong golf equipment can cause the child to lose interest or get hurt.

Length of Junior Golf Clubs

One of the first things to look for when buying junior golf equipment is length. Of course, kids are still growing when you buy a set a clubs. Therefore, you’ll probably want to get clubs that are a bit longer that the ideal length to leave room for growth.

Weight and Flex of Kids’ Golf Equipment

Lighter clubs are typically going to be better for junior golfers. A club that’s too heavy can be detrimental to a developing swing of. The flex of the shaft of the club is also important. Youth golfers will benefit from a flexible shaft. Once their swing speeds up you can look into getting a less flexible shaft.

Grips on Youth Golf Clubs

Make sure the grips are set up specifically for juniors. Most pro shops will be able to identify the best grips for kids. Have kids try different grips to determine what size fits best.

Make shopping for clubs just another part of the learning process and up the chance of creating a golf enthusiast!

Not Ready to Commit?

The First Tee is an amazing golf program for kids that not only teaches the game of golf, but also includes a character curriculum component. Kids go through a series of instruction and testing in golf skills and corresponding etiquette and character development. It’s very inexpensive and they even lend kids clubs to use throughout the program. It’s a great way to find out if a kid is interested before making the commitment to purchase clubs.

Image Credit: striatic, Flickr


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