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How to Change Address Contact Information On New Jersey Crabbing License

Updated on January 8, 2011

Getting Your Crab Permit

If you have obtained a New Jersey Crabbing license so that you can legally catch crabs using a crab pot, good for you!

If you haven't and want to know how to get a crab license, I've linked an article that I wrote below:

How To Change Address Contact Information on New Jersey Crabbing License

OK, you have your New Jersey crabbing license but you've discovered a mistake. Maybe your name needs to be changed or you need to edit your address on your crabbing permit. If you need to change something on your crab license, just follow these steps.

1. Go to

2. Scroll all the way down and click the "Start Here" button.

3. Click the "Customer ID" radio button.

4. Enter your customer ID. Your customer ID is on your crabbing license.

5. Click the "Continue" button.

6. Enter your NJ resident (or non-resident) status.

7. Change your address, edit your name, correct any contact info necessary.

8. Then "Continue"

9. Make any other corrections then save.

10. Remember to print out your new, corrected crab license too.

The first time I printed my crabbing permit I noticed two mistakes on it and corrected it no problem using the above method. I hope that helps!

Happy crabbing!

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