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Bow hunting whitetail deer tips in the Midwest

Updated on February 6, 2015

Deer fever builds in midwest

Hunting Whitetail deer for many hunters is an obsession as much as a pastime. Starting somewhere around the Fourth of July, and building in intensity the fever begins to consume us. Here in the Midwest along the Ohio , Wabash, and Green river bottoms, and their contributories the field corn has already tasseled and developed small ears of corn. Fields of soybeans are waist high and developing beans in their sweet pea looking pods right on time, as the weather is hot and muggy.

Where to find big bucks

I mean to tell yaw, it is Deer hunting heaven on earth. In the Midwest the typical coonhound and birddog is bigger than those south Texas bucks. You know the ones I am talking about, you see them on the outdoor and hunting channel.

Where a one hundred and fifty pound buck is a monster, shoot my old blue tic hound Sam tipped the scales at 130 lbs. In the Midwestern states, the bucks can and do double that field dressed, and support racks in the 180 class routinely.

Look at it this way, take anything less into the local check-in station at American Taxidermy shop in Boonville, Indiana, and all you will get for your efforts, is a good ole boy pat on the back, along with the comment, you’ll get him next year. Followed by an invitation to look at a picture of the 200 plus-inch buck a hunter checked in earlier.

Big buck hot spots

Illinois is one of the Midwest hot spots when it comes to bow hunting for deer. The hottest spots to hunt in Illinois are Pike, Calhoun, and Jefferson County.

Pike County led them all with Fulton coming in second. Fired up about making your mark this deer-hunting season and coming up with the money and a place to hut is not a problem. Illinois is a good place to bow hunt big bucks.

To Your Hunting Bow Hunting Success, Mike

Bow hunting Indiana buck

The author of this publication, Mike Teddleton owns the copyright to How to Hunt Whitetail Deer, Bow Hunting Archery Style in the MidwestThe rights to publish this article in print or online can only be granted by contacting me the author in writing. You may use the intro and link back to the article directing the reader back to my post here at HubPages where they may find the story in its entirety.


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    • Teddletonmr profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Teddleton 

      8 years ago from Midwest USA

      Granny's House thanks for stopping by, your hub on Treestand Safety is full of useful information every deer hunter should read.

    • Granny's House profile image

      Granny's House 

      8 years ago from Older and Hopefully Wiser Time

      Hi Mike, here it is bow huntiing season again. I wish i knew how to get my Treestand safety hub out to more hunters.I am going to link back to your hub.

    • katiem2 profile image


      8 years ago from I'm outta here

      What a nice read, I enjoyed your story telling weaved with great insights as to How to Hunt Whitetail Deer, Bow Hunting Archery Style in the Midwest! Thanks :)


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