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How to Make a Sweet Fantasy Baseball Depth Chart

Updated on January 23, 2015

Want Your Fantasy Team to Look Like This?

Okay, so I can't help you get all the players I've got on the above depth chart, but I can tell you how to make one just like it with the players you do have. It takes about 15-20 minutes and all you need is a google image search and Microsoft Powerpoint.

Step 1: Gather your images

Before I start putting my depth charts together, I like to go out and get all the images I will need first.

You'll need a baseball diamond to put your players on (I searched 'baseball depth chart' in google images to find mine). You'll also need a headshot of each player you want to add to your depth chart. These headshot images will need to be in .png file format so that they don't have a white background when you put them on top of your diamond. I google image search the player's name and the letters png. It seems like the results from and are the easiest to use for this. From google image search, I right click on the image and select 'open image in new tab'. From there I save the images to my computer for use.

*Make sure the files are PNG files, or else your depth chart will have white backgrounds behind each player's head.

Step 2: Add the Images to Powerpoint

Once you have your images saved, you'll need to open a blank powerpoint slide. I delete the text boxes that are on the slide automatically, and start inserting my images. On the 'Insert' tab in Powerpoint, there should be an option to insert picture (see right).

First, insert your baseball diamond, followed by your player headshots. As you add the headshots, resize them to fit on your diamond and move the players to their positions.

Step 3: Add Player Names Below the Pictures

On the same insert menu, there should be an option for Text Box. Insert a text box below one of your player headshots and type the player's name. I like to get the formatting right on the first box before making the rest. I used Bold 14pt Font in my Depth Chart and that seemed to work well, but feel free to experiment and use whatever you think looks best. Once you have your first player name ready to go, copy that text box and paste enough for all the players on your depth chart. Then just move them to the right spots and change the names.

If you want to add your pitching staff and/or bullpen to your depth chart, go for it. You may want to just show headshots of your ace and top closer and list the rest of the names below.

Step 4: Save Your Depth Chart as a Picture

Once you have everything sized and arranged the way you want it, drag your mouse to highlight all of the images and text boxes on the slide. Then right click on any of the boxes and click 'save as picture' (see example to right). You can now save your depth chart as an image on your computer.

If you need to upload your image to an image hosting site in order to add to your league forum, there are plenty of free sites out there that can do that. I have used and it is a simple and quick solution.

With a depth chart like this, you're sure to be the envy of your fantasy league. Just be sure you back up your solid team page with a good team performance throughout the season!

This same methodology can be applied to make a depth chart for your rec league or intramural baseball/softball team, or even applied to other sports (basketball, football, etc.) for fantasy or real life use.

Be sure to post in the comments below any suggestions you have to make them even better, as well as any questions about how to follow the steps above.

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