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How to Throw an Axe

Updated on May 30, 2020
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Ben has been a geek all of his life, so his expertise tends to fall into gaming and technology.

Watching Jason Momoa throw an axe after drinking a glass of beer looks really cool. The fact is, anybody can drink a glass of beer. However, not everybody can throw an axe and hit the target, especially not in the very center of the target.

In this article, we will give you a few useful tips on how to throw an axe properly. Of course, do not try to do it while drinking beer, especially if there are people around. To practice this task, you should be in an isolated space where no one can get hurt.

But before you start throwing an axe, you need to select the right axe and right target first. So let's start there and then get into throwing an axe properly.

Choosing the Right Axe

The first thing that you should consider is choosing the right axe. If you are a beginner, it is advised to start with a small hatchet first. Also, you do not need the axe to be sharp - a dull one will do the job well, too. If you want to throw a regular axe, you might have to step back a bit so that the axe can make a full rotation before reaching the target.

Basically, you should keep in mind that the size and the length of the shaft determine how far you have to stand away from the target. This rule applies to all types of axes.

Choosing the Right Target

Another important thing to do is to choose the right target. Some people tend to build their own targets from wood, but that usually takes much more time. Unless you are an experienced carpenter, you should use a circular tree stump and make sure that it is quite large. It should be at least 60 centimeters in diameter so that you can easily hit it with the axe.

How to Grip an Axe

When you pick up an axe, you should have a firm grip on the handle. Your grip should be similar to that of holding a baseball bat. The first thing is to make sure that the blade is not rotated to the left or right. It has to be facing straight ahead so that the trajectory is perfectly straight. Otherwise, the axe will just bounce off the target and fall on the floor.

Basic Technique

At first, you should learn and practice the basic technique of throwing an axe. Only after you have mastered this should you move to a more advanced technique.

Now, grab the axe firmly and make sure that the blade is straight. Bring it back over your head, similar to when throwing a soccer ball over your head, and lean back. Bring the axe forward in a fast motion and release it when your hands are fully extended. That’s it! You will notice that it sounds very simple; however, mastering it will take some time.

Advanced Technique

Start by visualizing your target and fully focusing on it. Then, grab the axe with only one hand and step forward with one foot. Then, swing your arm down to the side and a little bit behind you. When the axe reaches the area behind your leg, bring it up over your head and throw it forward as if you are throwing a ball. When your arm is parallel to the ground, release the axe.

It might take some time to get used to this technique. However, when you master it, you will be able to hit the target every single time. Besides that, it looks so cool!

Chalk Up Before Throwing

You might have seen people doing this before grabbing an axe. It is done to ensure that the axe will slide out of your hand easily when releasing. Of course, you can still just let the axe go when you reach the release point. However, if it slides from your hand, you will have much better accuracy.

If you don’t use chalk, you should make sure that both your hands and the ax are completely dry before throwing. Wipe them with a cloth which will ensure that the axe slides from your hand more smoothly. The slightest bit of moisture will prevent smooth sliding and will significantly affect your aim.

The Axe Doesn’t Want to Stick

It is a common problem among beginners that the axe will not stick to a new board. Since the old one is already chewed up, the axe sticks much easier. Therefore, when switching to a new board, the difference it very noticeable. What you can do to help is wet the board properly. Most axe-throwing venues sell spray bottles that you can use for wetting the board. Make sure that the board is drenched before you start throwing.

Another thing that you can do is move slightly back from your normal starting position. This will add more rotation to the axe so that it will hit the board with the upper tip. This significantly increases the chance of the axe sticking to the board.

Practice Every Day

Like most sports, throwing an axe does not require spending any money for training. Just find an axe, a wooden board, and that is it. If possible, try to practice throwing the axe every single day.

Practicing half an hour for 10days is much better than practicing five hours in one day and then resting for a few days. That rule does not apply only to throwing an axe, but to most hobbies, from playing the piano to mastering your soccer skills.

In The End

As you can see, throwing an axe does not have to be an extremely difficult thing to do. In just a couple of hours, you will learn how to throw an axe properly. However, if you want to master it, you will have to practice every day. Also, the results will come slowly, but surely.

Be sure to apply all the tips that we have provided you with, and you will notice progress in no time.


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