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How to Wheelie on a Fixed Gear Bike

Updated on August 16, 2009

Many riders will ask themselves this question?-  Which is easier?  Popping a wheelie and holding it for some time on a fixed gear bike or being able to do the same on a single speed bike?  The answer you will likely get is that wheeling popping on a single speed bike is going to be easier by far than trying to do it using a bike with fixed gears.  This hub is how to wheelie on a fixed gear bike.

Amazing Wheelies on a fixed bike

Rob Shows How to Wheelie using a fixed gear bike

First of all, understand that a wheelie on a fixed gear bike is a completely separate beast from what you would typically be able to do on a bike like a bmx bike. In fact, popping a wheelie on a fixed gear bike would be a lot like riding a unicycle.

If you are going to try, I would probably recommend starting on a low fixed gear first, as you will be able to start to acclimate to the difference between a single speed bike and a fixed gear one.

All this said, there are basically 3 things you need to remember when you are practicing doing a wheelie on a fixed gear bike:

  1. Just like any wheelie, you will need to pull up on the handlebars
  2. Lean back hard (with some force and don't be afraid if the bike comes out from under you a couple times)
  3. Pedal aggressively-  Most people will pop a wheelie and then low on the peddling.  The reality is that you need to do it harder if you want the wheelie to hold.
So how hard is it?  It takes a lot of balance and understanding before you will be able to pop and hold a wheelie for any significant amount of time.  The important thing to remember is that practice makes perfect.


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