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How To Be A Surfer Girl

Updated on December 20, 2015

Surfer Girl

Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz

Surfing is the summer sport par excellence for all of us who are not professionals but enjoy the sun, the sea, the thrill of the waves and meeting handsome athletic boys.

How To Be A Surfer Girl

  1. First of all, get the looks. Yes, I mean slip into that Roxy bikini -get a tan first please DO NOT attempt to go surfing if you do not have a tan and "sun-kissed" hair. Fake it, dye it, whatever! But you should have the looks before surfing if you want to be taken seriously.
  2. Remember not to put on any makeup if you do not want to come out off the water looking like a sad clown. Surfer girls look healthily tanned and that is much better than any makeup.
  3. If you are not using a special suit -let's face it, you are there to show off your curves while having fun- remember to put on a strong sexy swimsuit or a hard duty bikini to avoid embarrassing moments.
  4. Equally important is to remember to put on high protection sunscreen if you do not want to look like a steamed lobster the next day!
  5. Do not forget to protect your hair, there are several products on the market to protect your hair from the sea water and the sun. I like the Monoi hair protector as it protects but also moisturizes your locks. John Frieda is also very good, I love its scent.
  6. Once you are set for a day on the beach, you can choose your equipment. Choose quality equipment, it will give you a professional look. Your surfboard should be proportional to your body size, height and weight. Remember to choose a surf board that will look good with all your bikinis and to use the elastic cord to attach yourself to your surf board, you don't want to loose your new board on the first class. If buying a board is too much for just a few days at the beach, remember that you can rent one.
  7. Find your equilibrium. Please do not try to go surfing after a wild night out. Surfing is about keeping a good equilibrium on your board, so have an easy night before surfing if you do not want to spend most of the day beside your board rather than on top.
  8. Once you had your first try, you might want to choose your style. There is a style for everyone: long board (standing up on a long board); short board; body board (lying down on your board); knee board (kneeling on the board); the kite surf or the windsurf... is up to you what suits you best and what you find easier.
  9. Practice, practice and practice. Surfing is not an easy sport, but it is fun. An average of two hours a week might give you enough knowledge to be able to have fun in the sea, but for any serious surfer, a minimum of two hours a day is necessary.
  10. Afterwards do not forget to use moisturizing creams and oils to counteract the effects of the sun. Coconut oil and Monoi oil are my favourites, they not only leave your skin smooth and super hydrated, but they smell heavenly.

Before you go surfing visit a few surfing blogs to learn the surfing terms. Be cool and enjoy yourself!

Tip for Beginners

The number one rule for beginners is a genuine love for the sea and NEVER go surfing on your own. In most major summer resorts there are surfing classes for beginners. Join one of them and follow their advice carefully. Remember that your coach knows "her sea" and that is a very important part of surfing. You need to know the currents and tides.

Girl Surfers

Roxy Surf DVD trailer

Surfing Events For Surfer Girls And "Wannabes"

Rip Curl Girls Tour:

Great free classes for girls who want to start surfing or want to improve on their surfing skills. They also promise plenty of fun along with brazilian music and capoeira courses to keep you looking hot outside the water. The girls will be touring Spain from the 23rd to the 31 of August. For more info

Billabong Girls Surfing

Yoga and the best parties is what they promise to bring to Spain, the UK and Portugal. For dates you can look at

Lisa Andersen

Lisa made us realize it was okay to be a girl and surf.

Lisa Andersen become surfing world champion not once, but four times. Packed with color photographs and never-before-revealed details of her fascinating life, Fearlessness lays bare the story of a young woman who conquered the surf world and changed it forever.


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