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How to clean a salt water pool system cell

Updated on February 15, 2012

How to clean a salt water pool system cell

A salt water pool systemlike the AquariteTurbo Cell 15 should be cleaned at least 1 time per year. This will remove additional calcium build up missed by the self cleaningcycle that the unit does every 6 hours of run time. For convince we will clean the electrolytic salt cell at the same time that the filter is cleaned. We have gotten into a habit of noting the cleaning dates of both pieces of equipment and posting those notes in the timer box. Additionally I have set up a recurring alert on my Iphone. Another great reason to have a smart phone.

NOTE: Always Turn Power Off To The Pool Equipment When performing maintenance

Cleaning the AquaRiteTurbo Cell saltwater chlorinator is a very easy process. Follow these easy steps and you will be finished in no time:

  • Remove the inline Cell ( T15Cell, T9Cell, T3 Cell) by loosening up the large bulkhaed unions.
  • Un-plug the single wire that attaches into the control box.
  • Visually inspect the inside of the turbo cell for damage
  • Rinse out the inside of the cell with hose water
  • Attach the unit to the T cell cleaning stand.
  • Make a solution of 4 parts water to one part muriatic acid (pool acid) in a small bucket. NOTE: Always add acid directly to water and when using chemicals always use proper safety equipment
  • Pour the acid/water solution directly into the cell until its almost full
  • Let the Turbo Cell sit for 2-4 minutes while the solution removes the calcium build up
  • Inspect the cell and clean again if needed
  • Before installing the Turbo cell, Inspect the rubber o-rings at the bulkhead fittings. The o-rings will need to be in placeand in good condition. Apply a small amountof silicone lubricant to the surface of each o-ring
  • Re-install the turbo cell and hand tighten the large bulkhead nuts until firm
  • Plug the single wire back into the control box
  • Start the system and inspect for leaks
  • Pour the acid/water solution into the pool or other safe location
  • Your back in business making the purest sanitizer available

The ease of maintenance is but another reason I like the Aquariteturbo cell salt water chlorinator.



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    • profile image

      Joe Morris 2 years ago

      I agree with Rojelio, I have a salt water reef tank for years and use vinegar on all my parts to remove salt deposits. Safe and way easier then acid which in the long run will destroy the cell quicker then

    • Chuckiechan Chan profile image

      Chuckiechan Chan 3 years ago

      I have a Circupool unit and I'm trying to find the proper thread to make a bypass for the winter. I can't find them locally. What brand did you use?

      BTW, the thread size is same as the Hayward cell.

    • profile image

      Rojelio 3 years ago

      Actually the best way to clean a saltwater chlorine generator of any brand is with white vinegar. Vinegar acts on calcium but not metal. Muratic acid acts on calcium and metal. This is why the generators go bad after 2-3 years. I place an end on mine, fill it with vinegar and power it on. 30 minutes later it's clean!. Just rinse and re-install.

    • profile image

      peter Langevin 3 years ago

      WOW finally some good information.

      Hey go checkout