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How to Double your Punching Power

Updated on December 7, 2013

You don’t have to be a competition boxer or martial art fighter to put more power in your punches.If you learn to double your punching power in a workouts you will get fitter and lose more weight – because it means you are using the right muscles and putting more of your body into each punch. So over all you will exercise more musels in your work out. Here’s how to double your punching power in 5 steps.

Power Punch Step #1 – Using Your Whole Body.

Bruce Lee used to knock a man down from a punching distance of just one inch. His secret? He used his full body weight. If we just swing our arms we get nowhere, but if we really engage our Abs, legs and torso our power can double. Engage the core when you punch, and rotate the torso. Your arm is just the nail. Your body is the hammer.

Power Punch Step #2 – Connect To The Ground.

The power comes from the ground. Connect to the ground at the moment of impact as if there was a chain of energy that ran from the center of the earth, up through your body into the target. Many people mistakenly punch on their tip toes. Try to Drop first, then Drive. In other words, bend in the legs, and feel the connection to the ground before releasing your punch. This will make a massive difference.

Power Punch Step #3 - Tighten Your Fist.

If your fist is loose and floppy you won’t want to punch hard. You will hold back. So make sure just before impact, really clench your fist. Think Hands of Steel.

Power Punch Step #4 – Relax & Breathe.

Most people tense up when fighting. They think it’s all about aggression and trying hard. But the secret to a really powerful punch is the opposite. Relax. Just as a tennis player or golf pro is relaxed and fluid when they swing, we can punch more powerfully if we relax. One way to relax is to breathe. Really exhale on impact. Martial artists do this, and often make loud noises as they strike. So don’t be afraid to let it out when you hit

Power Punch Step #5 – Follow Through.

Bruce Lee told us not to punch at the target – but through it. This is as much about the mind as the body. Concentrate on driving through the punching bag. If you are punching a punching bag try to really sink your punches in. You may even dent it. Of course, you need to build up to this level gradually.

Sometimes it takes time to build power, other times it just happens. Work on one of the 5 steps at a time, and you will find you will double, even triple, your punching power.

Now that you have doubled your punching power. You will now need to strengthen your fists and knuckles. For competition fighting you may get away without doing this, because you will be wearing gloves but it is better to know that your hands can now take the impact of your stronger punching. Plus remember if you have to defend yourself in the street you don't want to burst your hand with the first punch.

Strengthen your fists method 1 : The best way to strengthen your fists is to start training on a wooden Makiwara Board. But be warned training with a makiwara board can be painful and should be done at a slow pace. Remember your knuckles need time to harden so there is no point in going mad when you start with one of these makiwara boards. Just do a small bit than give your knuckles time to harden a piece. Than do some more. Plus if you tear your skin and start bleeding give your hands time to heal fully before you continue. Remember it can take a few months to really harden up your knuckles and to toughen your skin so it won’t tear easy.

Strengthen your fists method 2 : Another good way to strengthen your hands and knuckles is by using a 3 Sectional Wall Bag. Fill each section with a different type of filling. The first could be filled with rice than the second filled with sand which is harder, and the last section can be filled with tiny pebbles. By using the sectional bag with different fillings will get your fists used to hitting different surfaces which in turn will strengthen your knuckles. And since there is a bit more give in the sectional bag compared to the markiware board you can us it more often. But again you must still give your hands time to strengthen.

Test your power : A good way to test your punching power is with break boards. You can get these at different break strengths plus the boards are hard so they will also toughen up your fists.

All items shown here are available at

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Tips on finding the right Martial art style for you

Are thinking of starting martial arts,

Before you do ask yourself what are you starting for

1 : Self defence

2 : Competition fighting

3 : Just to beat the crap out of someone

Reason 1 : If this is the case than do not be afraid to try different styles as you must find one that suits your body best. Like for example Taekwondo is more suited to some who can do a lot of high kicking where karate may suit someone who want to use there fists more.

Reason 2 : Competition well if this is the reason have a look at where you want to go. Full contact or semi contact. Plus Judo & Taekwondo are in the Olympics. But you will find almost all styles will have there own world championships.

Reason 3 : If this is your reason you should watch out because most good trainers will spot people like you and life could start to get hard for you.

*** But no matter what style you choose you will be glad to started ***

Which Martial Art Style do you think is the best

See results

Tip : If you think by doing martial arts you will turn into a lethal weapon than think again. Look at it this way if you play football seven days a week will you be a world class player in a few years. Well for some people it will happen for but most will only improve, but not enough to be world class.

The same goes for martial arts. Your fighting will improve but you may not become world class. But again just like football a certain few will.

But one thing is certain you will love martial arts and be glad you started.

If it is for Competition / self defence or maybe just to keep fit no matter what. Everyone should try it out for a while no matter what age you are


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