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How to gamble with your future

Updated on October 29, 2008

Stepping up to the table

This week I had an odd experience one that I seldome do and rarely bother with I gambled on my future. Why might I do some thing like that? Well besides my future I gambled with your future too. Now wait a second it's not what you might think... I Voted. I tried to choose the best candidate and I took a chance or a Gamble if you will that the persons that I chose will live up to my expectations for our country and by this I have Gambled on our futures.

It was an interesting time to be out voting, something that I have never done early befor. There was a wait to vote early at my local county court house but it was not to terribly long. I was in line with every one else listing to various conversations and making chit chat too. In front of me was a first time voter and behind me was an elderly long time voter. We happened to have a few things in common this day, one was the weather, the other was the parking, and the third was waiting in line together.

But as time passed and we moved from the weather to parking and then finally a break through a real topic. The purpose of voting now no one that I had a conversation with mentioned who they where voting for and I did not tell any-one either. We talked about alternative issues that could be focused on like the persons that vote should get a rebate check first and of coarse they should be able to recieve an aditional tax credit when they file their taxes this year..

I think more people would vote if we made it more interesting. I think we should have levers on the sides of all voting boths and when we are done we could Pull that leaver to see how much of a tax credit we could recieve. Just a thought but why not have voting booths operate like casino slots I am shure you would have people fromall around wanting to vote if we did that.

When I saw the line to go vote I was kind of amazed by the amount of people out to vote early this election year. I have to say that I was swayed to vote early this time because I have no idea what might happen election day I might get a flat tire, I might fall ill, or some other task or job dutie might keep me from being able to get my vote in. So I took the time when I had it and went to vote early, like many others.

When you decide to gamble on your future you might try to use your best judgment but like the future election day you can never know what will happen to affect you so you either have to gamble or do nothing at all, if you do nothing at all then your still going to have to live with the future that comes to you. Make a plan and put that plan into action be aware of the odds and the various paths/options that are availiable to choose from.

When I stepped up to the table to vote I knew what I was doing something that was needed but as I looked through the names on the ballot I noticed a stange thing there where names that I had not heard of before. These where candidates that where running for office that I had not heard of I felt a slight fustration becasue I thought I had learned about the canidates positoins and was ready to put my decision to the ballat to a vote but the ballot had strange questions.

Do you want to keep judge so and so in office? Probably but then again why would I. Make them earn their money and or let some one else have a try. I took a gamble that if they did not get reelected then I migfht have a chance to elect some one else who might actually care about my position on things and feel more about things like I do.

In the future I will know how well my Gambling will pay off but as for today I feel a sense of acomplishment to have put my vote in as a true born citizen of this country. Maybe next time I might find my self on that ballot.

the constitution founded on gambling with the future of this Great country by Jeffereson
the constitution founded on gambling with the future of this Great country by Jeffereson


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