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How to improve your golf and break 80

Updated on May 6, 2011

Improving your game

Every golfer no matter how experienced always wants to improve their golf game, so I am not stating anything new.  However the problem that all golfers have, is how do you improve your golf game without spending a tonne of money with your local PGA professional.

We all recognise that we are not all going to be playing with top professionals such as Tiger Woods and Lee Westwood next weekend, but wouldn't it be nice to be good enough to at least play on the same courses that they play on! 

Lee Westwood

Lee Westwood
Lee Westwood | Source

Ways in which you can improve your golf

There are many ways in which you can improve your golf.  Most are fairly self explanatory, but we still all need reminding every now and again.

The obvious place to start when we look to cure those swing faults is our local golf Professional.  This can cost you a small fortune, but hopefully your pro is good and knows what they are doing.  

Another way is by watching DVD's over and over while gingerly practising the technique in your living room, not ideal if you like your carpet or ceilings!  

If neither of these is up your tree, then another way is by reading books.  These days you don't actually have to go to the local book store to buy a good golf book, there are plenty available online as E-book's.  Most are well worth a look and can greatly help to reduce your score.

With most novice golfers and even those in the 20 handicap region can improve on their scores simply by going back to basics. It does not matter if you don't hit the ball 300 yards, or birdie every other hole. The important thing in scoring well is hitting fairways and then the greens in regulation (meaning for a par 4, it takes 2 shots to the green and then 2 putts for par).

Proven to break 80

Proven to break 80 and shoot like the pros is an E-book that does just this. It shows you how you can hit fairways and greens in regulation, lowering your score as you go. It does it by teaching you how to train your swing and understand what you are doing, hence controlling your swing. Most bad shots come from an out of control swing.

That bad hook or slice that you hit was caused why? That's my point, there really are not that many people know why they hit the shots they do! but with this fantastic E-Book you can learn drills in just 30mins that will help you to train your swing, helping you feel your way around the golf course and break 80 for the first time.

Remember no matter how good you think you are, you can be better with just a little help from a friend.  You may not be the next World No.1, but who knows you could be the next club champion!


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    • nasus loops profile imageAUTHOR

      nasus loops 

      7 years ago from Fenland

      Hi MobyWho,

      Thanks for taking the time to read my hub. It does show that asking questions is a good idea. I look forward to reading you answer. Hope you enjoyed the hub by the way.

    • MobyWho profile image


      7 years ago from Burlington VT

      Coincidence...just came across your hub on you asked the question about Rory McIlroy. Shows that asking questions is a good thing, eh? Anyhow, I answered your question with another hub: and learn my secret of the goal - the cup.


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