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How to prepare and survive catastrophic events

Updated on January 21, 2014

Will it be a solar flare?


I have seen a change in the world today and many scientists and specialist, and you might agree with me too. Have you noticed so many weird weather reports and hot and cold extremes? Its almost as if mother nature is telling us she's ready for a change. In recent years and now we have more and more fascination with of the end of days, but are we really prepared for catastrophic events? It has been recorded that in 2011 there were more tornadoes than ever before. All the tsunamis,and the flooding with recent hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, I would say Right now couldn't be a better time when people need to prepare for a disaster. In this hub I will help you get ready so you can at least have some kind of advantage when the "shit hits the fan".

Build a Bug Out Kit

Survival Kit For Your Car

Survival Tips

With most all catastrophic events you will lose power, and water is number one on the list for survival, number two is food, so lets focus on those.

  • Get some emergency water at least 30 gallons store them all over the house so if its flood you wont loose your whole stash. you can only live 3 days without water, and even then you will be pushing for UTI infection of the urinary track. Know where water is and a route to it.
  • Food: You can only survive 3 weeks without food. Buy red beans & rice and powdered milk stock it up!! Dried Fruit, Canned beef stews with vegetables buy a case of that stuff. Buy garden seeds, put up and rotate out seeds, get familiar with growing vegetables and plant apple trees and blueberries.
  • Learn how to hunt and trap and fish, learn how to shoot a weapon. Watch u tube videos about it if you can't afford to take classes. Learn how to throw a knife, practice and become good with it. Try taking a self defense class, if you are not comfortable with weapons.
  • Build a bug out kit, plan an evacuation from your house.
  • Power: Purchase solar panels, generators, power by bicycle, windmills, if you cannot afford to do any upgrades to you place, get a generator and lots of blankets sleeping bags for cold weather if you live in cold weather. A good wood supply is nice and can keep you warm in winter power outages.
  • Flashlights and Batteries better yet, get a shake up, and or wind up flashlight to you don't have to worry about batteries.
  • Wind up radio for entertainment and information.
  • First Aid kit ~ Knife, Pain pills, Aspirin, triple antibiotic ointment, bandages,burn cream, scissors,tweezers,numbing cream and medicated rubs.
  • Get some Cash stowed away at least 100.00 in small bills.
  • Coolers to store your food in in an emergency , all that food defrosting can be put in a cooler and keep for days. get at least 2 or 3 coolers enough to put all your food in for a few days.
  • Close all the room doors and live the the family room,to stay warm.
  • Cook on the wood stove inside or use propane stove outside, use the BBQ grill. It is really nice to get extra propane tanks too.
  • Try not to panic give everyone a job to do. You can also play board games and cards to help keep you mind preoccupied.

These are some basic starters, check out my links below for more information!

What do you think you want to prepare for?

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Navy Survival Training Video 15 minutes


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  • handymanbill profile image

    Bill 4 years ago from western pennsylvania

    Great ideas and great hub