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How to spot the difference between an authentic and fake Jersey

Updated on March 18, 2016

Every sport franchise has its own jersey, a jersey is a team’s identity. When you see the jersey of a particular team, you do not need to ask for the name of the team, the identity screams out loud. Sport fans love to wear jerseys of their favorite teams as a way of identifying themselves with the team and showing support for the team

The market for sport jerseys is so large that several people tend to cash in on it, majority of them illegally. This situation has led to the production and distribution of several fake jerseys. Some fake jerseys appear authentic that it could be very difficult to tell the difference between a real one and a fake one. There are however some certain things to watch out for in spotting a fake jersey. They are:

An Authentic Jersey
An Authentic Jersey

1. Material:

One sure way of spotting a fake jersey from an authentic one is the material used in making the jersey. Authentic Soccer jerseys usually have a silky feel because they are made of polyester mesh material. Polyester mesh are costly materials hence producers of fake jerseys stay away from this material. Polyester mesh material is reslient, easy to wash and also dries quickly. This is one of the features of an authentic jersey. When it is worn, the feel is different because it dosen’t trap body heat or sweat. This is one major way you can tell the difference between an authentic jersey and a fake one.

A Fake Jersey
A Fake Jersey

2. Stitching:

The finishing of a sport jersey is another way you can ascertain its originality. Authentic jerseys always have a quality stitch. They are stiched in such a way that it is difficult for you to realize that they have been stitched. One way to spot the quality of stitching of a sport jersey is the neatness of stitching on the club badge and apparel badge both inside and outside. If the jersey is fake, then you won’t find neat stitches, you will find loose ones.

3. Misspelled words:

One feature of the fake jersey industry is that they are usually produced by people with poor knowledge of sports. This is why it is very common to find jerseys with mispelled words. It might be the name of a player, the name of a club or the name of a sponsor. Although some fake jerseys have accurate spellings, several appear with spelling mistakes.

Fake Jersey:Spelling Mistake
Fake Jersey:Spelling Mistake

4. Colors:

The color of the jersey may be another indicator that will determine if the jersey is original or fake. The colors of a fake jersey tend to be dull compared to the original ones.Moreso, all authentic jerseys have a color shade. It is always difficult for fake jersey producers to get the right color shade of a sport team.

5. Price:

Fake jersey producers do not pay commissions to anybody so they don’t care about their pricing. Authentic jerseys have a higher price tag. When you go to a retail store and see a jersey displayed at a ridiculous price of $30 you can be certain that you are buying a fake jersey.

6. Lettering:

One other way to spot a fake jersey is that the lettering on a fake jersey are usually shiny and bubbling. This is because they are just stiched to the jersey without being glued. Authentic jerseys have the letters and numbers glued before before being stitched. This makes them appear flat on the jersey.

Which of these flaws do you notice most in a fake Jersey?

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