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How to use calls or lures for deer hunting

Updated on August 5, 2012

Bucks can be nocturnal

Basic calling tricks for bucks

There are a few different calls effective for hunting deer, the most common would be your grunt call or rattling also popular are doe bleats and snort wheeze. You need to know the difference and when each is best used. You should never call just for the heck of it or keep continuing to use calls for any length of time deer are normally a very quite animal. You don't even have to be carrying a deer call to get a bucks attention. Heck I've made sounds with my mouth and rustled a few leaves which brought a lonely buck by looking for some company.

Grunt calls are the most common:
Of all the calls grunt call would be the most common but also the most over used, you want to sound like a deer that has seen something. You want a grunt call that produces sharp treble sounds not muffled bass. Usually you will only hear one short 20second grunt unless a buck is chasing a doe, then you will hear a number of short grunts as the buck is gasping for air.
Do use a grunt to try and stop a buck that is moving away
Do call louder if a buck is losing interest
Do call louder if the buck ignores the 1st try
Do call softer as the buck gets closer
Do call when you know bucks are chasing does

Don’t call if a buck is looking your direction
Don’t call if a buck appears interested way and see where he’s moving
Don’t call same way every time
Deer will have heard your first call and can usually tell which direction it came from, I like to start with one soft grunt and wait a few minutes, then if nothings happening you can get louder and more aggressive. If you call to much deer will have located you and slip around to wind you, which could quickly end your hunt. Let a deers body language tell you when to call and you'll have more success.
Doe bleat and fawn bleats:
These calls are also very useful, fawn bleat can be quite effective they will call for mama when separate or scared, usually drawing the attention of the other deer in the area. Does will bleat to let bucks know that they are ready for breeding. All deer sound different same as people with different sounds and tones, if you can learn to make a simple Aaah or Maah sound with your mouth similar to a lamb or sheep you can stop or turn a deer long enough to get the shot you need to take down that trophy. Many hunters use calls or the can to make the same sound but if you can do this with your mouth your hands are free.
Do try this call when trying to stop deer that are moving away
Do use this to attract the attention of a deer
Do call if the deer ignores the 1st attempt
Do continue softer as deer draw near
Do try fawn calls to get the attention of does

Don’t call when deer are looking your direction
Don’t call the same way every time
Don’t call if an interested buck is moving your direction
Don’t over call, seldom do deer continue to make noise unless a buck happens to be chasing a doe
Don’t call just for the heck of it
Don’t call when in doubt, there’s no need to spook deer off
Don’t call if you have heard other hunters using calls deer become street wise quickly
A snort wheeze really only made when a dominate buck sees another buck in his territory and wants to let the other buck know to get out or fight.
I don’t recommend this call for novice, it works best in combination with other calls such as a short grunt, snort wheeze then aggressive rattling, every deer is different, if the deer your trying to attract is not a dominate buck he’ll probably flee. Every day in the woods is different an experience is the best teacher. As with any call if there is doubt in your mind as to use it or not don’t!


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