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Hubert H Humphrey Metro dome Collapse or Conspiracy? Minneapolis Minnesota 2010

Updated on November 5, 2011
Minneapolis MN
Minneapolis MN


The Minneapolis Minnesota HHH Metrodome was named after Hubert Humphrey, former Minneapolis Mayor, U.S. Senator and U.S. Vice President. Mr. Humphrey loved Minnesota Baseball team, the Twins and Footballs Minnesota Vikings. Because of his dedication to the state and to Minnesota sports teams, the Metrodome was named in his honor -- The Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome. In 2009, the famous Mall of America purchased naming rights for the field at the Metrodome, resulting in the field being called "Mall of America Field at Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome". The contract expires after the end of the 2011 Vikings season.

"Inflation Day," was October 2, 1981. More than 800,000 square feet of fabric was raised by air to create the beloved HHH Metrodome. The excitement would quickly turn to concern as forty-eight days after the Dome was inflated, a snow storm dumped more than 10 inches of wet snow on the city. The weight of the snow caused the roof to partially deflate. The rip was repaired and the Dome was re-inflated within four days. The fabric of the Dome has torn a few times since then, but it has never caused the damage that was done on December 12, 2010.

Where's all the Snow?
Where's all the Snow?

December 12 2010

The scene was typical for Minnesotans as they traveled with caution, stopped at grocers to acquire needed supplies and filled their snow blowers with gas. A storm was forcast and Minnesotans would be prepared.

A major snowfall was in full force December 11th. Thousands of Road Service calls were made, schools cancelled, and highways closed due to plows limited visibility.17.1 inches is the recorded accumilation of snow over Minneapois and surrounding areas.

The Metrodome was not excluded from the impact.

Snow removal workers were clearing snow from the dome roof overnight on December 11th, but needed to stop due to safety concerns. The roof deflated due to snow accumulation around 5 a.m. Sunday December 12th 2010.

Or did it?

Will the Vikings Stay in MN?

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Conspiracy of Metrodome

Anyone who knows me, knows I love a good conspiracy theory and the collapse of the Metrodome has all the makings. I give credit where credit is due, and this person has hit it on the mark.

On Yahoo! message boards, alias user “Bronxboi2″ left this comment:

"Does anyone even realize that the Vikings did this deliberately? Don’t even try to tell me that this was an accident. There’s COLOR video from INSIDE the stadium! Who does that?"

  1. At 20 seconds, we see the lights are on inside the stadium. Why? Because the Vikings wanted to show off how the roof collapsed!
  2. At 22 seconds, we see a part of the roof collapsing, directly in the MIDDLE of the shot, and the camera is ZOOMED IN! The only way they could have included that shot is if they KNEW the collapse was going to happen!
  3. At 26 seconds, the roof tears. This was clearly included just for dramatic effect.
  4. At 30 seconds, we see another part of the roof tear. Once again, it’s right in the middle of the shot, just like at 22 seconds. Like I said before, the Vikings KNEW this would happen!!!
  5. Finally, at 37 seconds we see more snow fall onto the field.

This is a case of a (expletive) team being scared of another team as great as the Giants, so they wanted to destroy their own (expletive) stadium in the hopes of avoiding this game, and the storm was just the perfect excuse! Too bad for them the game just got rescheduled in an even (expletive) town such as Detroit!!

Is that just a little too far fetched?

Being scared of the Giants? Yes. Causing the deflation? No.

First off, the dome is made of two layers: the outer layeris made of Teflon coated fiberglass and the inside is a proprietary acoustical fabric.The space between the layers insulates the roof. In the cold winters, warm air is blown into the space between layers to melt snow that has accumulated on top. So you tell me how it rips? How is it so easily broken down? Do our snowflakes now have acid in them?

Look at the video still shot, you can see the snow in the dome- not much, right?  

So here is the situation. The Vikings have been fighting for a new stadium for quite sometime. What better way to get one than destroy the existing?

What better way for the the owner to plead to Minneapolis residents to back public funds for a new stadium?

Makes sense to me.

The "threat" of moving to L.A. if they do not agree on a stadium has been stated, money debates have been an issue for sometime regarding who in fact would have to pay for this new stadium? The questions are there, now we need the answer. However, Vikings spokespersons are not answering. Hmmm, brings to mind the Minnesota Lakers?

My question is this, why were lights on at 5:00am, why were Fox news cameras running overnight? And it is amazing how the cameras got 'close-ups' of the snow coming through right at the exact spot! Wow, what a coincidence.

Also, how convenient that the Dome collapses so close to the end of the lease.

The bottom line is simple: The Vikings won't stay in Minnesota without a new stadium.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will be in Minnesota on Monday to meet with Governor Mark Dayton. They will of course speak of the Dome and possible solution for a new stadium.

Jesse Ventura

 Jesse Ventura was the Governor of Minnesota at one time. He is now the investigator and host of Conspiracy Theory on TrueTV. He opens Americas eyes to the corruption of our Government. Although the Viking are far from political,just the same, it's about power and money.

We need you to come home Jesse. The Minnesota Vikings are up to something.


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