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Hull City In The Premiership

Updated on October 4, 2012

Hull City- Come On You Tigers!!!

The Hull City Tigers Football Emblem. Makes You Feel Proud...Sniff!
The Hull City Tigers Football Emblem. Makes You Feel Proud...Sniff!

In The Big Leagues For Hull FC

Hull City in the premiership football league is something that has taken years to accomplish and there has been nearly a few times when the club has been relegated, but saved by the skin of their teeth by miraculous interventions.

For years at Boothferry Park they played their bottom of the pit matches, trying to claw their way out of the third division and forever disappointing fans along the way, the clubs and the die hard fans keeping the spirit of the tigers alive, hoping for that magical honour of entering the premiership only seemed a dream to many!

Who would have thought that they would have made it to the premiership, up there with the likes of Manchester United and Arsenal, two of the dominating english football clubs in the premiership and the UK, many say it is due to the relatively new manager Phil Brown, which may be true, but I believe there are many factors contributing to the success of Hull City in recent times.

One, the new KC Stadium, it's a good looking stadium which puts Hull City on the map and also the fact that there seems to be a lot of money being invested in Hull City as a viable market for many new businesses, small to medium, plus a lot of emphasis on the regeneration of Hull as a whole what with Hull Council housing in decline, but housing regeneration and property upgrades on the rise. There seems to be new focus on new and exciting things to be realized in Hull, this could bring with it a sense of pride living in Hull again after all these years of social deprivation.

Of course the many football fans that have and still support Hull City are the ones to be commended for following a football club for so long in years past swimming at the bottom of the third division and hanging around the relegation zone, now there is a buzz in the air about Hull City as a potential premier football club hopefully here to stay for a good while to come.

Hull City- Home To The Humber Bridge

The Deep - A Great Attraction For The City Of Hull

The outside of the deep when the sun is setting.
The outside of the deep when the sun is setting.
The inside of the Deep, the worlds largest Submarium.
The inside of the Deep, the worlds largest Submarium.

Hull FC, Hull City Isn't It Great?

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    • attemptedhumour profile image

      attemptedhumour 7 years ago from Australia

      Hi i'm a Wolves fan now living in oz, i feel a 'bit' guilty about us signing Steven Hunt, i'd love a quick run down of his main attributes, if possible. It was amazing to see a club such as Hull enjoying their day in the sun. With so many sleeping giants queueing up any team, Wolves being no exception, have to spend most of any season looking over their shoulders. Wolves had 29 out of the last 30 years in the wilderness and were so close to going out of existence in the eighties. They seem to have the financial clout to hold on to their premier league status, but it will still be 'backs to wall' stuff i'm sure. I hope your boys bounce back, but it will be tough, but think how happy you will be if they do the undoable for a second time. All the best mate.