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Are You Ready for the Superbowl?

Updated on October 20, 2012

Superbowl halftime performance - Madonna

Superbowl Excitement

Every year, the Superbowl is the most awaited sports event in the US based on viewership.

Almost eighteen days before the Super Bowl XLIV which will be played at Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida (for the tenth time) on February 7, 2010, 6:30 pm Eastern Time, I am almost ready for it. YES.

Kindly choose whose gonna be in or out this weekend, 23-24 January 2010, It will be between the Minnesota Vikings vs New Orleans Saints -- for NFC or NY Jets vs. Indianapolis Colts for AFC. Even if our team lost, Steelers for me, and they are not contenders anymore, surely we have a bet on who will win so come on join me, if Steelers is still a contender, then food and all are free hehe, and you are all invited like last season.

Watching games or football is the reason to stay at the house on Sundays

Every year when the football (NFL) season begins, it is like a big sigh of relief for me, because I don’t need to go out on Sundays anymore (never been out on weekends lately because of Hub Pages and football anyway), combinations of two addictive entities.


Season of football is awesome, my fav season is autumn--orange

Every time the season of football begins in Autumn , I have a reason to say NO to my friend when she invite me to go to the mall every Sunday, window shopping or buy girly things which are unnecessary anyway, hehe. I am enticing my friends here I will cook on that day if they just go to the house. I have sets of friends, mostly Asian-Americans, some who works at night and third shift, so I pity some who cant watch the event. Can the Super Bowl be scheduled on a Sunday am? If only I could, why not schedule the Super Bowl on Saturday evening so that when your team lost and you got drunk (*hangover, tsk,,tsk), you don’t need to go to work next day, LOL.

What do you need to have before the season begins

  • BIG High Definition Television
  • Cable is a must --CBS specially
  • Schedule in advance if there is a party for your friends, text or email them

Options on Super Bowl Day:

Option 1 -- Party with friends who can attend

  • Did I mention the party? Oh yes, I will cook for everybody, they will just have to bring what they have to share if they like, if not, then its fine, they can bring beer, and ice too if they want. Usually there are five to ten people here, I also tell them to bring their bf or gf, last year, they brought their partners hehe, there you go women and men in one TV room is too much, hehe, and women can be noisy and men can be rowdy too. Silence when the game starts.
  • Food, just finger foods and chicken fried chicken, beef steak, (my fav). Chips of course, drinks, beer --- hard and soft.

Things to do while waiting for the game to start if you choose Option 1

  • Singing and other activities while waiting for the game:
  • I have an old “karaoke “ here, they can sing before the game if they like too. Mostly Asian women like to sing,
  • Card game if they like to play
  • Or they can just update each other what happened to their lives etc.

Options 2 -- Sports bar

  • If you choose to go to sports bar, you should go early, as early as the morning, plus you gotta be ready for the noise and if you go, go with some friends

Option 3 -- Alone, so you can shout, curse, put your feet up, drink all the beer, hehe

Options 4 -- with your gf or bf --- whose more important, sports or gf/bf.... put an earplug. Dont start anything while the game is on.

Option 5 -- with the family -- Children needs to calm down in one room and don’t pass by the TV when everybody is watching

Option 6 --  Buy a ticket and watch it in person, expensive LOL and you might want to buy in advance, but it will be worth it.

ENJOY THE MOMENT -- SUPER BOWL moment, the beautiful and sexy cheerleaders, halftime performance, the Advertisements, the GAME, the BEER, friends and family, or just enjoy it yourself.

ARE YOU READY FOR THE SUPERBOWL? Tell me which team is going to win in the Super Bowl and who will be the contenders.

Super Bowl or these LADIES
Super Bowl or these LADIES
or this one
or this one
or these ones
or these ones

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