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I love the gym and fitness centers. Working out in general is the best high there is.

Updated on July 31, 2014

Sweat is fat crying. The pain is only temporary, sort of.

My whole life, I have always loved working out and fitness centers.

Yes, you can workout with having the use of the fitness centers.

I just tend to love them.

I think that it just makes me happy in general.

When working out, I think it a kind of feeling and I don't know

if I could possibly say that it is like feeling "high", because

it puts me in a good mood.

I think now that I'm older it helps myself out alot.

I just know my own body and know that everybody's body chemistry

is different.

I tend to notice when I workout it makes my back feel better and other

places too.

Granted, you get toned and lose the fat you need to lose.

I don't constantly weigh myself, but since I have recently have

gone back to the gym, I weighed myself.

A couple of months ago I was at 175 and now weigh 157,

which is perfect because you have to take into consideration


I am 5 feet and 8 inches.

So now that I lost the weight I needed to do, it will be all toning.

I know that I will gain weight but that indeed will be a very

good weight gain.

What people should realize, that their body chemistry is

different from everyone else. That's just how we are wired.

Not all fitness programs are for everyone, but exercise is.

Sometimes I do get a brain fart in a way, when I don't do

something for awhile I have to take it slower to retrain my


So when I don't go to a gym for a little while, I have to

take it slow because I don't need to go to the gym

with anyone.

Granted if I want to do bigger lifts, I probably will

need a spotter but that's ok because there is

always someone at the gym.

Everybody lives their lives in their own way.

I just have always loved physical fitness.

I don't know if it is the sweat clearing the toxins out of my system.

I don't know if it is helping me to think "better".

Maybe overall exercise is just good for me or for anyone.

I know they say pain is temporary, but the more you workout

the more it does seem painful.

So aren't you in some sort of pain all the time from

working out? (should I say LOL)

But I guess they say it is a good pain.

There is one thing I don't like alot and that is

"squats", when I start doing them, I feel like

screaming and swearing.

Yet I know that this is something good because

it helps out with joints and a little bit of flexibility.

I think as we get older it is indeed good to move

about because that helps us to live longer.

Yet I got to be truthful I like my cat naps because

nothing is better than a very restful nap.

Maybe a nap is recharging.

With exercising it might be good to just do it

in moderation, but I want to do it more.

Once I get back into things, working out

just ends up being part of my schedule and

I feel like myself again.

Of course things in my life that I want to do,

i know I'm going to have to train like a ninja.

Yes they say "no pain, no gain" but still

I realize there really is no short cuts if

I want to be the best I can be and have

the body I want.

I think in the end it is truly up to myself

to motivate myself to workout.

I only have one body and I just

am going to have to try and take

care of it the best I can.

I am slowly learning that age shouldn't slow

me down and to keep going.

I guess as long as I keep going that

is what matters

throughout my life

I always loved the beach
I always loved the beach | Source


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