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IPL, a Cricket Profession and its Advantages

Updated on October 14, 2015

Enjoy cricket


Cricket as a Career

Cricket is considered to be a viable career option as opined by a celebrity, in a daily newspaper, recently. I read it and felt it to be a right observation. Till few years ago, in India, most of the responsible parents and the guardians took sports as a whole to be a pass time. For them it was a pleasure to watch and allowed children to play whatever they like to, during free time, just for relaxation, fun and health.

The sports scenario has definitely changed in India. Thanks to all the cricket celebrities along with our other sports personalities such as Abhinav Bindra (shooting), Sania Mirza (tennis), Saina Nehwal (badminton) and a huge list of sports personalities to follow. Still, there is a whooping difference between cricket and other sports. Cricket brings in instant stardom. It provides name and fame within a very short time. The preference for cricket has multiplied by many folds in the last four years quite significantly. The full credit goes to the cricket tournament started in 2008 in India named Indian Premier League popularly known as IPL.

Popularity of Cricket

India is a cricket loving country. From children to adults, male or female, ordinary to famous, almost every Indian love to watch cricket. Children and youths love to play cricket than any other sports. This is not a matter of few years. Cricket has enjoyed this privilege from long back and now it has gained a huge popularity among all the sections due to lots of tournaments and glamorous media coverage. Among the cricket tournaments IPL has played a pivotal role.

Introduction of IPL

Today, I’m interested in discussing the different advantages of IPL. Well before going into it let me give you an introduction of IPL. It started four years ago in 2008 and it is the brain-child of Mr. Lalit Modi, the first chairman of this prestigious event. It was a sporting event with full of extravaganza and instantly it became popular among all the cricket loving countries. It is a Twenty20 cricket tournament which is also known as T20. In 2008, when it started it had eight teams. This cricket tournament is not representing any nation rather it is played almost like club tournaments. IPL consists of Indian cricketers and foreign cricketers too. Each team has a franchise. Every decision regarding the team, the cricketers even their payments, the management and the support staff is to be taken by the owners that are the franchises. One very interesting aspect of IPL is the selection of cricketers. The players are just not selected for any particular team by the franchise but the different franchises bid for the cricketers of their choice. The franchise who is the highest bidder for the particular player wins the bidding and the player has to join that team.

Changes within IPL

This year is the 4th season of the IPL. In 2011, the IPL has undergone a few very prominent changes. They are:

1. The chairman has changed and the new chairman is Mr. Chirayu Amin.

2. Two more teams have been added and so now there are ten teams participating in the tournament.

3. Playing rules have also been changed this year which made IPL much more fun.

Advantages of IPL

Now, let me come back to my main intention of writing this hub that is to write on the advantages of IPL, such as:

A: Players of many various countries come and play together as one team under one particular franchise. It’s a punch of different cultures and values. It’s definitely globalization of mixed culture which helps to value one another’s country and their culture.

B: Mostly Indian players represent different teams other than their native team and they remain dedicated and loyal to their team as well as franchise. The best part is the cricketers of India are also getting well connected to the other parts of the country. It’s a bond developing within the country and knowing about it well.

C: The different cricketers when represent their respective countries they are always at loggerheads with their counterparts on the field for the nation’s pride but IPL brought them together. It presents a friendly bond between the players of the different countries when they play as one team. Interestingly, they usually play against their national team mates which is a friendly fun so it is a global friendship zone. Thus, IPL gives fun to the players too.

D: Many senior and great cricketers, Indian or foreigners, are playing under the captaincy of many junior players without any tiff and hassle.

E: Playing for the country is a matter of pride. It is like the role of soldiers on the cricket field. They are the sports ambassador of their respective countries but IPL has made them a hardcore cricket professionals. They never change their country but their priorities change in IPL according to the franchisee who hires them for his team.

F: IPL is a place where many cricketers have got the opportunity to remain in touch with their passion. Many are retired or those who are not retired but are no more getting selected in the national or domestic team has rose to the occasion and performed very well. Thus, it has given extra pleasure and fun to the dejected cricketers.

G: In IPL, the pay package in general is huge and it increases according to the ability of the players. Money is very important for maintaining one’s own life and also to support the family. Naturally, an already established player gets wealthier further and those who are in a fray to set strongly in the cricket world get a strong financial hold. Life becomes fun with such a career.

H: Many players who are little known or come from very ordinary family earn popularity in a jiffy.

I: IPL is such a big cricket platform that a great number of cricketers are required. It is not like a national team in which maximum of 15 players are usually selected before any tournament. Obviously, many cricketers get an opportunity to show their cricketing skill as well as get established in return. IPL has a big opening which has filled the lives of the cricketers with lots of fun.

J: One more thing where IPL proved to be very lucrative is the way in which the franchisee spends on the comforts of the cricketers so they remain always in high spirits. Who doesn't want fun and frolic in life? Everybody, right!

K: IPL has opened up new vistas for many veteran cricketers as commentators, mentors, coaches, support staffs, umpires, analysts and many more options. Another dimension of a profession opened through IPL that is cheer leaders.

L: The spectators play an important role too. Mostly, home crowd or away from home supporting the home team is quite natural. What makes it a fun watching is many spectators do not support their home team rather they cheer the team in which their favourite cricketers are playing. Here, cricket wins and it breaks all the man made boundaries.

Survey Report

The advantages of IPL are so many especially for the cricketers are that which can be substantiated by the survey result conducted by the Federation of International Cricketers' Associations (FICA). They took an opinion among 45 foreign players and came to the conclusion that IPL is the most important game for them professionally. The poll result :

32% players aim to quit the international cricket early for IPL and other T20 leagues.

40% say that they imagine to put IPL above country as international schedule is usually very hectic.

94% feel that the budding cricketers will train themselves mainly for T20 pattern as IPL offers a huge fees.

39% point out that spectators are losing interest in One Day Internationals as many tournaments are being held every year.

Thus, IPL's advantages are remarkable but one must see that commitment towards country does not suffer.

Courtesy : TNN & AGENCIES ( Opinion taken by FICA on 45 international players)

IPL, a Fun

If we analyse further then we may get many more openings which has evolved through IPL, the tournament which made cricket a household name. Now, cricket is no more a sport only but a profession which the present generation wishes to join. They expect to fulfill all their desires and dreams. The interesting thing is that many parents and the guardians are fully supporting their children and promoting them to follow their dreams. It's fun for the parents also. So, IPL has encouraged a global friendship and even broadened the spectrum of love and friendship within the country (India) itself. Well, advantages are many so enjoy IPL to an optimum. Have fun. Three cheers to IPL!

Winners (Team Names):

Rajasthan Royals – 2008

Deccan Chargers – 2009

Chennai Super Kings – 2010

Chennai Super Kings – 2011 (Final held on 28.05.11)



IPL 2012

This is the fifth season of IPL. It started on 4th April, 2012 and 27th May, 2012 is scheduled for the finals. IPL 5 has undergone many changes. They are as such:

· There were 10 teams in IPL 4 but in this season, IPL 5, there are 9 teams. Kochi Tuskers, which only participated in IPL 4, is being denied to participate in IPL 5 due to some problem arising in financial dealing.

· The Chairman and Commissioner of IPL 4 was Mr. Chirayu Amin but this season, IPL 5, the new Chairman and Commissioner is Mr. Rajeev Shukla.

· In IPL 2012 Rahul Dravid of India captained his team Rajasthan Royals in place of Shane Warne of Australia who was the captain of this team for the last four seasons that means from IPL 1 to IPL 4.

· Sourav Ganguly of India is the mentor-cum-Captain for Pune Warriors in place of Yuvraj Singh who captained Kings XI Punjab in the first three seasons and then in the fourth season was the captain of Pune Warriors.

· A new cricket stadium opened in Pune, India. Itss name is Subroto Roy Stadium. In last season, IPL 4, Pune Warriors played its home matches in Navi Mumbai but this year Pune hosted its own matches.

· MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai opened a new stadium on 25th May, 2012 during the Qualifier2 Play-off Match of IPL 5.

· Murali Vijay of Chennai Super Kings is the first Indian cricketer who scored two centuries and made an IPL history from IPL 1 to IPL 5.

· IPL 5 has created lot many controversies such as match fixing, after match parties with molestation case and…

According to the IPL 5 league table four metro cities of India were at the top: Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai with 22, 21, 20 and 17 points respectively. Three Play-offs:

Qualifier 1 ---- Kolkata beat Delhi

Eliminator ---- Chennai beat Mumbai

Qualifier 2 ---- Chennai beat Delhi

The time to find out the winner and its Kolkata Knight Riders.


IPL 6 has turned out scandalous. I wrote this article out of love for the game, cricket, but God knows why at the very beginning of this year's tournament I simply lost my interest in watching and following it. May be because now I feel it's a very time consuming tournament. The IPL version should be short because it is harming the students.

Facts of IPL 6

There was a change among the teams of IPL 6. In place of Deccan Chargers there was Sunrisers Hyderabad.

Pune Warriors pulled out during this season's tournament.

Ultimately, spot fixing and betting ruined the image of this tournament. Other than the bookies, players, umpire and even the owner played a key role in tarnishing the image of the game and especially the most popular tounament, IPL.

Though people are talking about this scandal watched the matches. I fail to understand why people invested their hard earned money and watched the remaining matches including semis and final. Free flow of money in IPL is completely ruling over the discipline of the game and the spectators failed to bounce back. It is equivalent to the corruption in any field so the spectators had a chance to skip the matches and raise their protest but nothing of that sort happened. This scandal has invariably increased my disinterest for the IPL.

Well, for the knowledge of the readers I take the privilege to inform that the winner of IPL 6 is Mumbai Indians, Chennai Super Kings is the runner up. The CSK owner is under the scanner of all the scandals related to IPL 6.

Let's hope that the tournament gets cleaned up.


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