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In the spirit of the game

Updated on March 17, 2012

FIFA rule on racism (for

In the spirit of the game: FIFA should increase penalty on racism. (for change. Org)

Following the recent incident between Suarez of Liverpool FC and Evra of Manchester united, in which racism was said to be involved. I think it is time for FIFA to take another step in their fight against racism. The story in my book “Most perfect exchange: The cost of liberty,” a must read for all ( ) confirmed racism once denied humanity peace, equity, unity, and the spirit of brotherhood and over the years humanity have tried to end racism and help in the fight against all forms of human right abuses.

It is for this reason that FIFA introduced “Say no to racism” sign. Therefore, it is no doubt that FIFA is involved in the fight against racism. However, much of the concern has been for the football Fans and little attention was given to the players because racism is not expected in the field of play as football is a means to unity humanity in the spirit of brotherhood and love for mankind by bringing us together in friendship via sport. Consequently many football players have suffered racial abuse from the Fans with fewer incidents in racism in the field of play.

The incident between Suarez and Evra showed that FIFA needs to do more in the fight against racism. This is because the players cannot march into the field accompanied by the sign that says, “Say no to racism” and same players will not live up to the spirit of the game. A professional footballer should, in the spirit of the game and the love for the sport and his profession, learn to respect one anther no matter the skin color and any player that fails to keep to this simple requirement should not be worthy to be called a professional or be involved in FIFA organized events.

Therefore FIFA should increase the penalty of racial abuse by player to a possible loss of professional football. In that such players should not be allowed to participate in FIFA organized events. This will help remove racism in the field of play.

Ferdinand of Manchester united showed his stand against racism when he refused to shake hands with Suarez because Suarez refused to shake hands with Evra before the kick-off.

Racism is expected to be a thing of the past but recent happening like the one mentioned here and Ohio (USA) pool sign case among other incidents have confirmed that racism is not really over and that humanity need to do more in their fight against racism, if they must win the inevitable fight against racism.

you can sign the petition on


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    • davidkaluge profile image

      davidkaluge 6 years ago

      Thanks for your comment. I think, just as your name here suggest (sportandfaith), football and sport in general is one of the few ways people of different religion and culture come together and play as a team. Therefore FIFA can do more to foster the spirit of brotherhood in football and you and others can help send the message across to FIFA by signing the petition in the hub. Professional footballers should be able to show a good and reasonable level of professional by following FIFA "say no to racism"

    • Sportsandfaith profile image

      Sportsandfaith 6 years ago from Dayton, Ohio

      I agree completely with you, the Suarez incident is beyond ridiculous. The video of him pinching Evra's skin made me sick and it baffles me that he continues to deny any wrongdoing. Even worse might be the choices of the Liverpool players and fans to support him! Football is supposed to be the beautiful game and racism is definitely tarnishing that image.