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Increase Your Vertical Jump Fast In Basketball

Updated on April 14, 2010
Michael Jordan showcasing his amazing vertical jump in the NBA slam dunk contest
Michael Jordan showcasing his amazing vertical jump in the NBA slam dunk contest

Increase Vertical Jump Fast

If you want to increase your vertical jump fast, there are a few things that you need to note. First of, what is the weakness of your jump. You see, when you are able to identify the weakness from your vertical jump, only then will you be able to improve your hops fast by targeting on the weak spot of your jump.

Like your basketball skills on court, if you are a very good slasher but a poor shooter, do you think you will be able to improve faster and become a more deadly weapon by focusing on your slashing skills or become a better shooter in your game ?

Obviously, you have to learn how to improve your shooting skills because you will instantly become more of a scoring threat and when you leverage your shooting and to the basket skills together... you become even more dangerous.

In other words, if you want to improve your vertical jump fast, focus on the weakness. If you are lacking in strength, train and focus on improving your vertical jump through strength training. If you are "bulky" and strong... but lack speed and explosive power off the ground, focus on your speed and take off power through speed and plyometric training. 

Vertical Jump Training For Strength

As mention, if you are fast and quick, but lack strength in your core and leg muscles to have a good vertical jump, you will need to focus on weights and strength training so that you can improve your leaping ability fast.

In other words, you will need weights and hitting the gym. When you do this, you will see an increase in your verticals fast and put your basketball game and jumping ability in a whole different level. Let us look at some of the most powerful strength training workouts that'll improve your hops for basketball fast.

*Hint - these workouts not only add strength, they also help improve your core and balance. The results that you will encounter when these different muscle groups leverage within each other can be shockingly astounding.

Olympic Weight Lifting

Full Back Squats

Dead Lifts

Kettle Bell Swing

If you want to get a more detail routine and the muscle groups these workout routine does for your jump, you can do so here - Vertical Jump Secrets

Vertical Jump Training For Speed

The formula for improving your verticals is strength x speed. In other words, if you are strong but lack speed and explosive power, you will not be able to jump high enough to dunk a basketball.

As such, you need to focus on speed training that'll inject explosive power into your muscles so that it'll add some devastating hops to your vertical jump. Take 2 lorries for example. A 1 ton(strength) lorry traveling at 20km/hr(speed) and the other 1 ton lorry(strength) traveling at 50km/hr, which do you think have a higher power and impact ?

The answer is pretty obvious. As such, if you are weak in speed, focus on improving your speed through some explosive vertical leap training.

Here are some jump trainings that'll add massive speed and quickness into your jump:

Depth Jump

Tuck Jump



To get more out of your vertical jump training, one of the best training guide and resource used by professional dunkers is the jump manual.- The Jump Manual


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