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Ipswich Town FC

Updated on May 22, 2013

Location of Ipswich Town FC

A markerPortman Road, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP1 2DA, England -
Portman Rd, Ipswich, Suffolk IP1 2, Egyesült Királyság
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Location of the stadium of Ipswich Town FC.

Club Kits

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Official Name: Ipswich Town FC

Chairman: Marcus Evans

Coach: Roy Keane

Address: Portman Road, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP1 2DA, England

Telephone: (+44) (01473) 400500

Fax: (+44) (01473) 400040

Uniform: blue shirts/white shorts

Alternative uniform: white shirts/black shorts


UEFA Cup winner: 1981

League Championship winner: 1962 

FA Cup winner: 1978

Southern League Championship winner: 1936

Texaco Cup winner: 1973

1878: Foundation of Ipswich Association FC, First manager is a commitee

1888: Merged with Ipswich Rugby Club, New name: Ipswich Town FC

1907: Joined Southern Amateur League

1935: One of the founding members of Eastern Counties Football League 

1936: Club turns professional, Joins Southern League, May: New manager: Mick O'Brien, Southern League Championship winner

1937: November: New manager: Scott Duncan

1938: May 30: Elected to join Football League

1955: August: New manager: Alf Ramsey

1962: League Championship winner

1963: May: New manager: Jackie Milburn

1964: New manager: Jimmy Forsyth, October: New manager: Bill McGarry

1968: New manager: Cyril Lea

1969: January: New manager: Bobby Robson

1973: Texaco Cup winner

1978: FA Cup winner 

1981: UEFA Cup winner 

1982: August: New manager: Bobby Ferguson

1987: June: New manager: John Duncan

1990: May: New manager: John Lyall

1993: New manager: Mick McGiven

1994: December: New manager: George Burley

1995: New crest

2002: New manager: Tony Mowbray, October: New manager: Joe Royle

2009: April: New manager: Roy Keane

2006: June: New manager: Jim Magilton

2009: New manager: Roy Keane


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    • attemptedhumour profile image

      attemptedhumour 7 years ago from Australia

      Well being a Wolves fan our two managers have a bit of history. I suppose Mick Mccarthy could argue he'd had more success in the managerial department if not as a player. Ipswich Town have boxed above their weight in the past but unless they are lucky like Wolves and find well off benefactors they will languish in the Championship for who knows how long. Look at QPR they are flying with a few wealthy backers. So don't beat yourself, or your Town up. Bill Gates might take a shine to your mob and up you will go. I read Roy Keane and Sir Bobby Robson's books a year or two ago. Both inspiring. Good luck to you but you will be just as loyal to Town if they are in the fourth div', as true fans should be. All the best from a fellow fan.