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Is Your Golf Swing Too Complicated?

Updated on June 4, 2012

We have all seen the add where the golfer has hundreds of golf tips encircling his body as he moves through his swing? Well, most of us go through that for years and it never gets easier. You go home and tell the wife that you have "found it" and go back the next day and it is gone once again. So, you watch the next episode on Golf Channel, or, listen to the old timers doing the color at a PGA event and pick up on their comments they give while watching a tour player swing in super slow motion. You "find it" once again and can not wait to get back to the course.

Okay, all you struggling amateurs out there here me out. I have spent literally dozens of years fighting this same thing. Even though I was once at a 4 handicap I was never satisfied and continued to change my swing. I would fall as far as ten strokes off my handicap and think about quitting the game. But, I am a fanatic and could never do that.

Then, one day a close friend and playing partner said to me, "Bill, why do you make changes when you are scoring in the 70's? Here you go struggling like the rest of us hackers and you deserve it because you had a beautiful swing and beat our butts every day and then started listening to somebody online, or, on the tube. Go back to what you did before when it became (Natural) to you with repitition."

Natural....could I really just go out there and start swinging the club in a Natural motion as my body and mind dictate through inate muscle memory and Natural ability? Could I simply swing the club as a kid first introduced to golf swings with the Natural God given ability that I already have?

I did just that. Instead of standing over the ball and thinking about a full back swing, my front shoulder under my chin, rotate, do not slide, cock my wrists, start forward with my hips, drop the club into the slot, swing out at the ball, stay balanced, finish high....just walk up to the ball, plant my feet, look at my target and swing freely. And, don't swing in a slow, methodical manner, but, instead swing hard and fast like a school kid trying to knock it out of the park.

Guess what? It works! No more hitting behind the ball with all those swing thoughts preventing a Natural move through the ball. No more slices or hooks from trying to "roll" the hands at impact and either being too early, or, too late. Just swing.....


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