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It's Friday and I'm a CMLL Running Diary!

Updated on May 12, 2017

Come on folks; did you really think, after I banged out 1,800 plus words on Soberano vs. Rey Cometa, that I would then go with a conventional review for tonight? No chance in hell. And that's the story of how we got to our third CMLL running diary of the week. Fair warning; that's definitely not happening next week. I'm not an endless reserve of energy after all...well not in all areas. Let's end this weird opening paragraph on that note and get to the meat. Moses, meme it like you're about to 900 off the Arena Mexico stage. You won't be the last to do so tonight.

9:25: The promoting is done, we are ready to go and it's just a matter of when cubsfan gets the show up and running. That's right folks; CMLL and Claro Sports have the Friday show geo blocked again. It's like they want to make things hard on themselves. How very Vince McMahon of them.

9:31: It hasn't begun yet. Thought you'd like to know.

9:33: I'm a few minutes away from typing out the lyrics to "Waiting for the Worms" again. This time I'll have the song playing alongside it though.

9:34: Looks like the Pink Floyd will have to wait because WE ARE LIVE!!!!!

9:38: In what is definitely not a sign for the rest of the show, we're starting off with used future Rey Samuray (Sensei) and emo Shocker (Leono) taking on Artillero and Hijo del Signo. Unless we're getting the Signo and Artillero from the Copa Junior cibernetico, this will be very, very meh.

9:39: I'm tempted to not pay attention to this match and read the comments in the "Meltzer thinks Gran Metalik has been as misused as Okada in TNA" thread on reddit. It's tempting.

9:42: It gives me great pleasure to report Leono was booed heavily after his sequence. I like you Arena Mexico; I really like you. Artillero (in all lime green) and used future Rey Samuray are now in.

9:44: Used future and the Sprite bottle are out, Signo and Leono are in. It appears Signo is trying to, so there is hope, especially after Artillero comes off the top with a crossbody.

9:45: Used future Samuray caught Artillero in a nice armbar. See ya Sprite bottle! Meanwhile Leono and used future Samuray take care of Signo with a double team to take a 1-0 lead. I didn't hate this fall; I also didn't care too much. Them the breaks!

9:47: Fall two starts with Sensei earning the right to be called Sensei with some good lucha. Well done Sensei; well done.

9:48: Signo and Leono are in. There is noticable effort again from both guys and some more cool arm drags. Sensei and Artillero now back in as this is moving fast.

9:49: The rudos get weird leg locks on the technicos and just like that we are tied. That fall was quicker than the second fall of a UG singles match. It's been decently worked, but there's no spark as of now, and probably won't be unless someone goes off script.

9:50: Rudos argue with the ref to start fall three, then start double teaming Sensei. I smell an early appearance from the comeback meme!

9:52: The beat down continues.

9:53: Sensei turns into Mascara Dorada and we have arrived!

9:54: Leono dishes out Monkey Flips to both rudos, but Signo turns the tide with a Shotgun Dropkick to the knees. Sensei then comes in and turns the tide and end up tapping Signo with another arm bar variation. He loves that arm bar and those rudos love tapping to it. Artillero comes in, Leono comes in and ends up accidentally kicking Sensei to the floor. It's no big deal though as Leono catches Artillero with a headscissors and rolls him into a submission. Technicos win. This was okay; Sensei was actually pretty good and everyone else tried, but there was nothing that grabbed me about it. Efficient, by the book and something I won't remember by the time I'm done typing. So what match did we just watch?

9:58: The world's most unintentionally hilarious trios team is in action next. Principe Diamante (aka the "Reverse Goldberg"), Astral and Robin take on Cancerbero, Raziel and Virus. I guarantee this match will be decent and that the technicos have no shot. Hence why they're the most unintentionally hilarious trios team in history.

10:01: Virus and Robin are captains. You know your technico team is mediocre when Robin is your captain.

10:02: Principe Diamante and Cancerbero will start. Looks like Diamante is trying to grow his hair out. Stop copying Oro Jr., Soberano and Star Jr. dude!

10:05: An even sequence ends with Diamante chasing Cancerbero to the floor. Enjoy that edge Diamante; enjoy it. Raziel and Astral now in.

10:07: That went exactly like that Diamante-Cancerbero sequence did; back and forth till Astral chased Raziel and now Virus and Robin are in. Interesting?

10:08: Virus must've put this match together, as he and Robin are going to the mat to start this sequence. I was expecting them to take the fall home. The mat work is good, especially a really tight single leg crab from Virus.

10:09: Robin sends Virus outside, Raziel comes in to prevent a dive and now things are picking up. We go back and forth till Cancerbero catches Astral, holds him in a Style's Clash position and allows Virus to Shotgun Dropkick Astral from behind before powerbombing him. I cannot stress how awesome that spot was! That takes care of Astral, and Cancerbero quickly disposes of Diamante with a Scorpion Cross Lock. 1-0 rudos. Good ending.

10:11: Fall two is beginning the best way possible, with Raziel and Cancerbero double teaming the technicos. One day Puma and Tiger will turn technico, and we'll get to see them and Raziel/Cancerbero put on a clinic together.

10:13: The technicos finally turn the tide after Cancerbero and Raziel hit Virus by mistake. Diamante and Astral start going off, with Astral hitting two straight hurricanranas to Cancerbero and Diamante getting Virus with a Missile Dropkick. This allows Robin to isolate Virus and get him in a submission, tying the match up. I've enjoyed this thus far!

10:16: Fall three begins with Robin and Virus...or it begins with Virus tagging out for Raziel and Robin tagging out for Astral.

10:17: Astral was setting up to do something cool but Raziel moved out of the way. Lame! Cancerbero and Diamante are now in.

10:18: Maybe it's just me but Astral and Diamante are making a lot more of their time than they usually do. The power of Los Cancerberos compells them.

10:19: Neat sequence with Diamante diving off the apron to avoid a Cancerbero leg sweep and hitting a nice, fluid backbreaker on the floor. Virus and Robin are finally in. Robin takes control and does a fake dive because LAME! Raziel now in with the technico.

10:20: FALCON ARROW! Astral gets out at two though. There is hope for the technicos yet. Astral quickly gets momentum and gets Raziel in a reverse figure four, only for Virus to come in and break it up. Yup, we've reached that point.

10:21: Principe Diamante with a few near falls on Virus before the vet plants him with a Vertebreaker! Amazingly Diamante survives thanks to Robin breaking up the pin.

10:23: OH THAT SUCKS! Robin gets ruined by a Raziel leg drop while Cancerbero held him in Nudo Cancerbero. That'll do it! The rudos win a surprisingly competitive and highly entertaining match. Astral and Diamante acquitted themselves well, the rudos let them look good, Robin did just fine and Los Cancerberos were excellent. I expected this to be good and wasn't disappointed. Now this is a good sign for the rest of the night.

10:25: We are currently watching two fans dressed as the parrot and Mr. Niebla being interviewed.

10:26: We've got a good one on tap; Guerrero Maya Jr., "the third wheel" Esfinge and DRONNNNN!!!! are in action against El Cuatrero, Forastero and Sanson. You can never go wrong with the Dinamitas in action. And Maya. And DRONNNNN!!!!

10:29: Sanson and Maya are captains. Not surprising.

10:30: The captains will start and get right to work on the mat.

10:31: The story thus far is Maya outworking Sanson on the mat, using his experience and speed to frustrate the youngster. Sanson rolls out, Cuatrero comes in and so does DRONNNNN!!!!

10:32: Much like Maya, Drone is using his speed to fluster Cuatrero. I sense this is leading to the rudos triple teaming Esfinge as soon as he gets in the ring and taking control from there.

10:33: Cuatrero trying to use his strength to his advantage, but Drone has an answer for everything thus far.

10:34: Drone sends Cuatrero to the floor and here come Esfinge and Forastero. Esfinge hits the ropes, seems to have control and then walks into a Forastero spin kick.

10:35: Esfinge with a springboard Shotgun Dropkick off the ropes. He misses a dropkick near the ropes though and gets caught, leading to Sanson hitting his guillotine knee drop. Bye bye Esfinge. Maya comes in to send Forastero to the floor, leading to Sanson whipping Maya into the ropes, only to miss a clothesline and watch Maya take out Forastero with a suicide dive! That's the last bit of good news for the technicos though, as Sanson catches Drone with a backbreaker and Cuatrero hits his springboard elbow to seal the fall. 1-0 rudos. Good start.

10:37: The Dinamitas stomp on Drone near the barricade to begin fall two. Crowd didn't like this. Like Tommy Lee Jones in The Fugitive, Cuatrero, Forastero and Sanson didn't care.

10:38: Drone taken out with a spear in the ring and it's all rudos right now. Esfinge is now taking the beating.

10:40: Now it's Maya's turn. I'm sensing the comeback meme may need a second appearance coming up. It's that dire!


10:41: Maya turned the tide, Esfinge is now owning everyone in sight and hits an Asai Moonsault to top it off. Maya sets up Cuatrero on the top rope and Drone comes in with a split legged Spanish Fly to send him packing! Maya then absolutely ends Forastero with a Brainbuster to the knee and we are tied! Another good fall. This has been solid all the way through thus far.

10:43: Fall three; begin!

10:44: Drone and Cuatrero start and they're going fast. Cuatrero hits a handspring clothesline in the corner, but makes the mistake of turning his back and walks right intoa Drone dropkick. Drone then connects with the Bala knees, fakes a dive and does the Big Poppa Pump push ups!

10:45: Maya and Forastero are now in. Maya was in control after a springboard back elbow, but Sanson and Cuatrero come in to turn the tide. It doesn't work, as Maya owns all three guys as only he can. Arm drags and backbreakers for everyone!

10:46: Esfinge and Sanson now in. Esfinge in complete control, dictating the pace and hitting a nice springboard codebreaker. Forastero breaks it up with a splash, leading to Maya coming in to own him. Maya hits a powerslam, and Forastero breaks it up. He then hits a sweet German Suplex, only for Drone to step on him to break it up. Drone then hits a Lionsault that's broken up. GET ME SOME WATER!

10:47: Triple dive time? Nope, rudos break it up...and then hit two awesome suicide dives themselves! There would've been a third but Maya broke it up. He and Forastero are in the ring and Maya destroys him with a slam for a near fall.

10:48: Top rope arm drag! Only two. Maya then hits a vertical suplex and goes to the top. Cuatrero and Sanson are in for the save, and hit a double Military Press. Forastero then attempts and NAILS his running springboard dropkick from the ramp! Good to see him bring it back. That's enough to finish Maya off and the rudos win. Very good match; first two falls were solid, third was very strong.

10:51: It's almost time; Soberano Jr. vs. Rey Cometa for the Mexican National Welterweight Championship is coming up next folks! Watch it; drink it in.

10:58: Unbelievable. UnFUCKINGbelievable. Right as Cometa-Soberano is about to begin, the feed goes and dies. Only with CMLL, only with Claro Sports could this happen. Now I'm depressed.

11:00: Our prayers are answered! We're back live just in time to see Cometa hit Soberano with a standing Spanish Fly to capture fall one. Can't tell who the seconds are just yet.

11:01: Soberano takes to the air with a crossbody and then hits a crazy headscissors on Cometa. Cometa hits the ropes, gets caught going for a dropkick and gets dropped with a guillotine moonsault! We're tied. That's all I've seen of the match and that's all I needed to see thus far; very fun stuff. Looks like Dragon Lee is once again Soberano's second. No idea who Cometa's is.


11:04: Soberano with a stiff kick and a couple of face washes in the corner. He goes for a third but Cometa is up and sends him to the floor for BRILLO COMETA! Great catch by Soberano!

11:05: Cometa chops Soberano on the floor then sends him back in. He avoids a kick and hits a tornillo off the top. They trade counters before Soberano dropkicks Cometa to the floor and hits a Fosbury Flop! We're heating up here.

11:07: Both men slow to get up. Soberano gets Cometa with a slap and a 619 off the apron. Cometa avoids the hurricanrana to the floor however, gets up on the apron and hits one of his own. Fast paced action! By the way, looks like Fuego is Cometa's second.

11:08: SLAP FIGHT! SLAP FIGHT!I It quickly degenerates into a kick fight before Cometa sends Soberano to the floor. He goes for a suicide dive, BUT SOBERANO THROWS HIM INTO THE BARRICADE INSTEAD!

11:09: Soberano back in, he's going up top...AND IT'S A 900 TO THE FLOOR! FILTHY!

11:10: Soberano back in the ring and he wants more! He goes for a running dive off the top, but Cometa moves and Soberano crashes right into the barricade! Both men are down.

11:11: Both guys are back in. Soberano hits a second 900, the two trade clotheslines and Cometa connects with the standing Spanish Fly a second time! Only two though and Cometa is TICKED! Soberano quickly recovers with a powerslam and a Lionsault for a near fall of his own! You can tell the crowd was waiting to explode if he got the three.

11:12: Soberano goes for a handspring springboard but instead eats knees to the back (looked like Cometa was going for a backcracker but didn't connect fully). Only two. Cometa sends Soberano to the apron, the youngster gets a kick and then hits a springboard leg drop to the back of Cometa's head! Near fall.

11:14: Soberano goes for a hurricanrana roll up but Cometa reverses it! Near fall. Cometa then hits a Code Red! Near fall.

11:15: We're back to the floor and Cometa is breaking out an Asai Moonsault! Just when you think we're winding down!

11:16: Back to the ring we go. Soberano hits a springboard Missile Dropkick but he can't capitalize. He's going up top now...but Cometa is up and catches him. Super Rana time? NO! SUPER SPANISH FLY TIME! Cometa is slow on the cover though...AND SOBERANO GETS OUT!

11:17: Cometa regaining is bearings, but Soberano puts him down, goes up top and misses a 450. Cometa then hits the Canadian Destroyer AND SOBERANO KICKS OUT AGAIN! MY GRODD BILLY!

11:18: FIRE DRIVER! AND COMETA IS OUT AT TWO! What will it take?


11:20: I will admit that the ending wasn't the best; they were a little too close to the ropes for the liking of some...although on replay it doesn't look nearly as bad as people were making out. Regardless, the match ruled, both guys were excellent and Soberano got a huge win and his first title. I don't see how this is a bad situation in anyway. Congratulations to Soberano and congrats to Rey Cometa for making him look good along the way.

11:24: As we catch our breath, Angel de Oro makes his entrance as he, Dragon Lee (who was just out there as Soberano's second) and Valiente take on Cavernario, Negro Casas and Mr. Niebla. Could be good. Dragon Lee has new music by the way.

11:29: Valiente and Negro Casas are captains. Oro and Casas will start.

11:30: Casas and Oro working well together least for fifteen seconds. Now it's Lee and Cavernario.

11:31: The rudos have just said "fuck it" and are going after all the technicos. Fun stuff. Outside Cavernario crotches Oro on the barricade while Niebla takes care of Valiente. In the ring Casas puts Lee out with a triangle sleeper and Cavernario hits his splash on Lee to eliminate him.

11:32: Cav tosses Oro in, Casas gets him in the Sharpshooter and that's all for fall one. Rudos lead. Quick and to the point. Unlike The Wolf of Wall Street. Unprovoked shots fired!

11:34: Rudos are owning Dragon Lee. Cavernario is foaming from the mouth...and that's a mistake as Dragon Lee is now kicking into high gear. He takes out Niebla and Casas, leaving them prone for suicide dives from Valiente and Oro. Lee then takes care of Cavernario with his double stomp and we are tied. They're moving quickly here after the last match.

11:37: Fall three begins with Casas and Oro doing good work. They trade blows before Oro sends him to the floor, allowing the technico to go to work on the rudos. Well, before Niebla puts him down and does his "spit" thing. Gross.

11:38: Casas and Valiente (who I just realized is wearing a singlet) are in. The singlet is a huge improvement for Valiente! They exchange strikes before he sends Casas to the floor and we're now rinsing and repeating.

11:40: Niebla and Valiente exchanging strikes. Valiente eventually gets the rudo down, which leads to Zakarias coming in and getting slapped in the back. I mean...MASCOT VIOLENCE! Lee and Casas now in and this should be fun for however long it lasts.

11:41: Lee sends Casas to the floor with an awesome knee. Cav is now in and Lee owns him enough to make Cavernario do the worm. He eventually sends Cavernario to the floor and hits a tope con hilo, leading to KeMonito and Zakarias coming in for some more MASCOT VIOLENCE!

11:42: Meanwhile, Valiente taps out Casas with a Romero Special (when's the last time that move finished someone?) while Oro taps out Niebla with the Billy Goat's Curse. We now live in a world where Angel de Oro has tapped out Mr. Niebla, further proof that everything is coming up Angel de Oro. Okay match with some nice sequences, but they were taking it easy after that last match.

11:45: Main event time and it's not pretty. Stuka Jr., Diamante Azul and Atlantis take on Rush, La Mascara and Pierroth. In fairness, we could get a lot of Atlantis-Rush sequences, Pierroth hasn't been soul suckingly bad recently and if we avoid a bad finish this could be fine. Remind me I said this in fifteen minutes when I'm completely wrong.

11:47: Ingobernables coming out with baseball jerseys and bats. Take me out to the lucha show! Take me out to the crowd! That how the song goes?

11:49: Rush and Atlantis are captains. Rush attacks Atlantis as soon as that announced and THAT MAKES ME EXCITED DAMMIT! The beat down is on.

11:50: Rush trying to rip Atlantis' mask on the ramp. He then takes him to the stage and beats him up somemore. Meanwhile, other stuff is happening.

11:51: Rush has Atlantis back in the ring and is tying his mask to the ropes. Mascara is doing the same to Stuka and it appears Pierroth is doing the same to Diamante Azul. Bold strategy Cotton, let's see how it plays out.

11:52: Evidently it played out poorly as Tirantes just DQ'd the Ingobernables. Alrighty then. And everyone was complaining about the Soberano-Cometa finish; this was far worse. At least Atlantis and Rush are working a ton together.

12:00: I missed all of the second fall on the phone! It appears I missed little. At least things are picking up now in fall three.

12:01: Ingobernables having communication issues! This leads to Stuka flooring them all and Atlantis making a beeline for Rush! Sadly Rush escapes.

12:02: Diamante Azul in with Pierroth. They exchange strikes before Mascara comes in to exchange strikes with Diamante. Rush then comes in to do the same. It ends badly for all of them.

12:03: The Diamante Azul Monkey Flip will never get old. The ring is clear and IT MUST BE TIME FOR ATLANTIS/RUSH!

12:04: Rush and the Ingobernables triple team Atlantis and rip his mask! EVIL! Mascara now in with Atlantis. The slow build continues.


12:06: Stuka hits his no look moonsault and Diamante Azul takes everyone out of the floor with his senton. Rush charges Atlantis, but the technico catches him with La Atlantida and round one goes to Atlantis! Technicos win. Long, at times boring and at times just fine. The best part is that Atlantis vs. Rush appears to be in full swing. This is a good thing.

12:09: Nothing after the match so I guess we're done! What did we learn tonight folks? Well, we learned that camera angles can be evil bastards, some lucha fans will never be happy, Soberano is the man, Rey Cometa is the man and I may not have been an idiot suggesting Soberano vs. Misterioso was a possible Anniversary Show headliner. All in all a successful evening I think. Now it's onto Negro Casas vs. Mephisto!

And with that we're done folks. I'm off to sleep soundly while The Flash plays in the background, but I shall return soon. Till that time, THIS!

Please change disks to continue...


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