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The Tale of Eccentric MMA Fighter Jason ''Mayhem'' Miller

Updated on June 21, 2016

Overview of Jason Miller's early Life

Jason Miller was born on December 24th, 1980 in Fayetteville, North Carolina. He grew up in Fort Bragg, North Carolina: Miller's father was an 82nd Airborne paratrooper in the U.S Army. Miller was expelled from school for fighting at the age of 16. His family then had to move 40 miles for Miller to switch school districts. Miller acquired his yellow belt for Taekwondo at the age of 11 and was apart of his high school's wrestling team. Miller had his first mms fight at the age of 17 against 27 year old Al ''superman" Dill. Miller won the contest and thus was the start of hikes MMA career.

Jason Miller ahead of bout with Michael Bisping


Miller showing full fledged eccentric personality by shaving with katana


Nick Diaz and Jason Miller rivalry

Jake Shields defeated Dan Henderson to retain his title. Miller comes into the octagon, up to the microphone and says ''where's my rematch buddy?'' Jake Shields shoves Miller and his entire team gang up on him on national television. Miller wanted the fight at 185, but Diaz wanted it at 170 despite recently fighting at 185. Diaz offered a catch weight but Miller was firm on 185. Miller and Diaz exchanged videos and interviews about wanting to fight each other but the fight never materialized.

Miler right before bout with C.B Dollaway


Miller's MMA career

(According to Miller started his amateur career with two submission victories. One over Ernie Ward by way of toe hold, and one against Lionel Cortez by way of rear naked choke. Both fights happened in one night at the ISFC- Submission Fighting Open 6. Miller then went on to his professional career with two opening wins against Brian Warren by way of submission (rear naked choke) and another by submission over Todd Carney. Miller then suffered his first loss to Chael Sonnen. Sonnen controlled the ties as well as securing several takedowns on Miller throughout the fight. Sonnen's smothering style proved too much for a young inexperienced Miller and resulted in him succumbing to a unanimous decision loss. Miller rebounded with a unanimous decision victory over Toby Imada. Afterwards, Miller defeated Phil Ensiminger by way of submission(triangle choke.) Next, Miller faced off against Todd Carney in a sequel to their first fight. Todd Carney caught miller in a guillotine choke and Miller was forced to submit at 1:32 of the very first round. Miller and Carney decided to have a third bout to settle their tie breaker. Miller dominated and won the bout by TKO(corner stoppage) at 2:31 of the very first round. Miller then defeated veteran Denis Kang by way of submission (rear naked choke.) Miller then had succumbed to up and rising star Tim Kennedy by way of Unanimous decision. Afterwards, Miller put together a 5 fight win streak. Miller defeated Jason Buck by a split decision, defeated Mark Longworth by submission, defeated Sean Taylor by submission (triangle choke), defeated Egan Inoue by way of TKO, and defeated Ronald Jun by submission (arm triangle choke.) Miller then signed with the UFC for one fight and faced Georges St. Pierre. GSP secured takedowns and bloodied up Miller with punches. Though Miller was never in danger of being finished, GSP dominated, snapping Miller's 5 fight win streak by way of unanimous decision. Miller then went on to put another string of 5 wins over Mark Moreno by way of submission, Falaniko Vitale by way of submission, Stefan Gamlin by submission, Lodune Sinclaid by submission, and even won by submission over current UFC welterweight champion Robbie Lawler. Miller was rocked and almost finished in the first round, but steadily recovered and managed to slip in an arm-triangle choke to secure the Strikeforce Middleweight championship. However, Miller did not hold on to it long, as his first title defense came to a loss by the hands of Frank ''twinkle toes'' Trigg by way of TKO(soccer kicks.) Miller then put together another string of victories with wins over Hector Urbina (TKO punches), Hiromatsu Miura by way of unanimous decision, avenged former loss to Tim Kennedy by way of unanimous decision, and defeated Katsuyori Shibata by way of TKO. Miller then losses to Ronaldo Souza by way of unanimous decision. Miller then went on to defeat Kala Hose by way of submission (rear naked choke.) Miller then got his rematch against Souza which ended disappointedly with Miller accidentally doing an illegal ground kick to the head resulting in a no contest. Afterwards Miller faced off against Jake Shields, for the vacant Middleweight Strikeforce championship. Miller lost by way of unanimous decision. Miller then went on to defeat Tim Stout along with Kazushi Sakuraba in dominant fashion. Miller was then selected to coach on TUF season 14. Miller fought Bisping. Miller secured an early takedown in the fight and had the first round won. But Busting pestered body shots and kicks to Miller, resulting in a third round TKO. Miller then fought C.B Dollaway and stated that if he lost he would retire. Miller rocked Dalloway in the first and second round, but had an injured ACL and couldn't finish him. Miller was takedown several times and lost by way of unanimous decision. In 2016, 4 years since his last fight, Miller came back for a fight for a different organization in Italy. Miller weighed in 21 pounds over. Miller fought Mattie Schiavolin. Miller secured a couple of takedowns by way of high crotch and double leg, but conditioning was not on his side. Miller was rocked in round 2 and was submitted via rear naked choke.

Miller run- ins with the law.

Miller was first arrested for breaking and entering a church naked, back in 2012. Miller avoided any jail time as the pastor dropped any and all charges. In 2016, Miller was arrested for vandalizing a now shuttered tattoo shop. His bail was set for $1,000,000. (Los Angeles Times.)


Although Miller has had his ''ups and downs'' throughout his career, you cannot take away from his accomplishment inside the cage as well as his up and cheery personality.


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