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Jenn Sterger - The 'Favre Girl'

Updated on July 17, 2013

Cowgirl or Victim?

Jenn Sterger rose to prominence as a result of being noticed in the stands at a Florida State football game. Long-time ESPN commentator Brent Musburger paid her quite a tribute and this launched her modeling career.

The FSU Cowgirls were featured on the Maxim March 2006 edition and even cracked the HOT 100 list. I was discovered at the FSU/Miami game September 2005. Sterger was the one who went on to pose for Playboy and Maxim. She was in the May 2006 Playboy Top Ten Party School's Edition. Furthermore, she has done photo shoots for major brands including Ed Hardy, Maya Swimwear, and so much more.

Sterger has also been a contractor for ABC, MTV and then the NY Jets where she caught the eye of the ol' pro. She is definitely quite the media whore and this is something she shares in common with the retired quarterback. The fact is Sterger has had a lot of publicity since the Favre sexting scandal broke out. Not all of it may have been good, but it definitely made her famous.

Jenn Sterger in Hollywood, California (May 2013)
Jenn Sterger in Hollywood, California (May 2013) | Source

The Favre Incident

Sterger had been approached by a man wearing a Jets employee badge. The man proceeded to ask her if it would be alright to give her phone number to Brett Favre. Sterger responded by saying that she liked her job an awful lot and that she does have a lot of people tell her she likes look Deanna Favre (Brett's wife) and she wasn't interested.

But this wasn't enough to dissuade the gunslinger as he managed to get her number, anyway. What followed were a series of text messages and voice mails that basically wanted Sterger to come to Favre's room, etc.

Sterger managed to steer clear of Brett and everything went away for awhile. Until, Sterger brought it up to an editor at a sports gossip website in 2010. The media ran amok with her story and it almost seemed like Favre would be forced into retirement and also get a divorce.

Did Favre cross the line? The NFL certainly didn't seem to think so as they couldn't find sufficient evidence that Favre did indeed violate the league's workplace conduct policy. However, they did fine Favre $50,000, a relatively small sum for the likes of him.


  • Favre returns for final season with the Vikings
  • Media frenzy in the lead up to Jets-Vikings game on Monday Night Football
  • Favre refuses to address issue at hand
  • Sterger does likewise
  • Favre found to be not guilty
  • Sterger becomes 'The Favre Girl' in addition to the Cowgirl

2010 Investigation

It really did seem like Brett Favre was in some serious hot water. Favre had been literally brought back by the Minnesota Vikings for his final season with the worldwide leader in sports following his every move for us.

It continued into the season with the Vikings off to a rough 1-2 start when the scandal started hitting the tabloids. Favre was not willing to talk about it as he was focusing on the Monday Night Football game against ironically the New York Jets at the Meadowlands.

Just like in the off season, all we heard in the lead up to the game was Favre. Fans wondered if Sterger had brought this up to get a cash payoff from Favre or to get the general public's attention. It just didn't seem right that she was bringing this up after nearly 18 months.

Nonetheless, it didn't seem to affect Favre the least bit who after apologizing to his teammates for being a distraction took to the field and put on another show for the MNF audience. The Vikings got off to a slow start before a spark came in the form of a connection with newly signed wide receiver Randy Moss. And what a connection it was!

It showed the strength of Brett Favre's arm and his longevity in the game - it was his 500th career touchdown pass. Even this spark wasn't enough as the Vikings lost to the Jets 29-20.

After the game, Favre continued to dodge questions regarding the sexting. But the media wouldn't let it go especially with rumors now that he had misbehaved with two Jets massage therapists during his time as Gang Green's QB.

Favre was saved by the fact that Sterger wasn't willing to talk to the media or those investigating the case. Many in the media were speculating that she may have received a financial reward from Favre's camp to drop the charges.

Anyway, the NFL could not find enough evidence to prove that Favre was indeed guilty. All that the scandal did was to tarnish Favre's image and give Sterger the nickname of 'The Favre Girl'.

5 Reasons the Brett Favre scandal was great for Jenn Sterger

How she gained
The Daily Line
She was able to bring more exposure to a fledgling TV show
The show was cancelled a few weeks after the media went wild with the Favre scandal. It proves that quality does win at the end of the day
Movie directors now knew her name and were casting her in limited roles
She managed to break into acting. Nonetheless, she is typecast a lot and its getting difficult to shed her cowgirl image
Gain more exposure as a report
How many of you heard of Jenn Sterger before the scandal broke out?
She has started focusing on Hollywood, but a career as a reporter is a solid back up plan
She definitely become a hot commodity with lots of men wanting her photograph and autograph
Jenn Sterger doing what she does best - Posing!
Jenn Sterger doing what she does best - Posing! | Source

Jenn Sterger Poll

Is Jenn Sterger a gold digger?

See results

What do you think?

Jenn Sterger finally broke out of her silence by appearing on Good Morning America with George Stephanopoulos in 2011. She said the reason why she was finally talking to the media was for the sake of her family. She wanted to let people get to know her better and erase the image of her as a gold digger or a home-wrecker.

I think Sterger has changed and repented the errors of her former ways. Her Twitter Feed definitely reflects this, in my opinion. Can we finally give Sterger a break and let her emerge from under Brett Favre's shadow?

The FSU-Miami Game

A Raunchy Maxim Photo Shoot

Sterger has been typecast

Can Sterger ever be known for her talents? The problem is most people don't recognize her talents. A lot of analysts opine that she only broke through as a reporter and a journalist because of her beauty. It is agreed that she may not be a Suzy Kolber or an Andrea Kremer, but she does have the benefit of being a lot younger. And hotter too.

Ever since Jenn Sterger first shot to fame, she has used her gorgeous figure to her advantage. It's what brought her to the dance. And it has also made sure that a lot of observers are not going to feel sympathetic towards. To them, she is just another one of those women that is looking for her 15 minutes of fame so to speak.

She has made attempts to get away from her cowgirl persona that made her famous in the first place. Sterger has undergone two operations to help reduce her breast implants so that movie directors are less prone to give her stereotypical roles in films.

Will all this help? Only time will tell.

The GMA Interview

Sterger during her time as host of Versus 'The Daily Line'
Sterger during her time as host of Versus 'The Daily Line' | Source

Getting to know Jenn Sterger

Sterger seems like a nice enough person after you start watching and listening to her. Even in her GMA interview, you could tell that she wasn't faking it. I really think she deserves another chance. It's not her fault that she is a babe. Or is it?


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