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Jet Skiing on a Lake: The Fast Way to Fun!

Updated on August 11, 2020
Amanda Allison profile image

As an educator of 15 years, I know what works and what doesn't in the classroom. I boldly speak the truth and always will.

Mom on a Jet Ski
Mom on a Jet Ski | Source

The Need to Jet Ski

Jets skiing, with my 18-year- old quickly made me realize he has about two speeds: 0 and 60! Keeping up with him was hard, but well worth it. Pushing the throttle to speeds I would never dare before, forced me to just, “go with it!” With his younger brother in riding alongside, he was certainly training him well for speed. Add a few waves to the mix; you have a death-defying thrill ride!

Slow? No!

Idling at first does allow the engine to warm up. Carefully one must steer away from docks and shorelines for safety. Then, when all is clear, gear up for speed! For someone who always likes a plan and cautiously determines every move, I soon realized this is not part of the whole jet-skiing philosophy! Even as young children, my sons coaxed me to go faster and faster, but I hesitated. Now that my oldest can drive, he can go as quickly as he wants! I must do my best to catch up!

Abiding By Boating Laws:

Paying close to “No Wake” zones is essential when traveling under a narrow bridge. A jet skier in front of me did not abide by this. Figuring I could handle a few waves, I quickly learned that waves could slam your jet ski into the concrete sides if you are not careful. No wake means just that, no wake!

Stay Vigilant:

Though high speeds are essential for optimal fun on a jet ski, be ready to slow as needed. On a busy lake, children swim, other boats pass you along with jet skiers and waterskiers. It is your responsibility to exercise caution to protect yourself and others. Have fun, but don’t compromise safety. Just as the laws of the road are there to keep all safe, so are the lake laws.

Stopping to Rest:

After a while, it is fulfilling to turn the motor off and sit quietly, bobbing along the waves. In a quiet cove, one might find wildlife to watch: peregrine falcons, blue herons, eagles, turtles, and the occasional fish jump around you. You can even go for a quick swim! A machine for speed can also be a machine for serene.

A Quick Mental Vacation:

When speeding on a jet ski, there is little else to ponder! Put your worries aside and focus on the ride! Try hitting a wave or two and get ready to get soaked! Have fun, enjoy the pace, and be careful! You will enjoy the mental break from the worries of the world when you watch it fly by!

~Amanda Allison, M.Ed

© 2020 Amanda Allison


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