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Smokin Joe Frazier Passes Away; A Truly Sad Day For Boxing As One Of The All Time Greats Goes To His Rest.

Updated on November 8, 2011

Joe Frazier had the heart of a Spartan warrior.

I dont know why but the thought came to me just the other day how nice it would be to see Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier burying the hatchet before it was too late. I had no idea Joe Frazier was fighting for his life and lossing at that very moment. It wasn't like Frazier to ever give up in a fight so I'm guessing he fought like he always did giving it his all. In the end I hope he went peacefully. But my last visions of Joe Frazier really bothered me. He seemed very bitter about what had happened to his friendship with Muhammad Ali once they had to fight each other. When Ali was banned from boxing for rejecting the draft during the Vietnam war years Joe Frazier an up and coming Heavyweight contender and the next serious heir to his thone befriended him and helped Ali out as a friend. But once they were set to fight each other Ali decided to play Frazier as an unworthy opponent, a dummy and an uncle tom and Joe never forgave him for that because Ali was never big enough to come and personally apologize for it. The last interviews I saw of Frazier in a documentary made not so long ago showed an aged Joe Frazier with an ashen face. Joe Frazier was truly one of the greatest heavyweight champions of all time but it seemed too much of his thoughts were tied to his bitter hatred of Ali. I felt sorry for him. I thought of Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin and the falling out they had but after years of bad blood and hard feelings and not speaking to each other something very special happened. One night Dean showed up to finally bury the hatchet with his old friend Jerry live onstage. They hugged each other with great emotion and warmth like the old friends they were and it was a truly special moment. When I looked at Joe Frazier talking about Ali the thought came to me he needed a Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis moment to free himself from the past Ali had trapped him in. I was hoping Ali would pick up the phone and ask joe if it would be alright if he stopped by. About six months ago I heard Joe was appearing somewhere from a web page to sign autographs and I sent him this e-mail. Joe there were no losers in the amazing fights you had with Muhammad Ali. When the greatest fight each other and give it their all there are only winners. I didn't get a response but now I'm really hoping he did get to read it. I really admired Joe Frazier. I never saw him give less then 100% in the ring. Smoking Joe Frazier turned out to be Muhammad Ali's crucible of fire. In their epic battles of will and athletic ability both fighters were melted down to reveal the pure steel of which each were made. Many years ago my dad took me to the old Madison Square Garden to see my first boxing matches. Before the main event I remember the announcer called for a moment of silence. The packed arena fell quiet as they rang the bells for the passing of a boxing great. After this memorable moment of silence at the old Madison Square Garden a young Joe Frazier climbed into the ring and destroyed the undestructable Canadian Champion George Chuvalo in four rounds. I'm sure arenas all over the world will now pay tribute to his passing as they fall silent and the bells toll for smokin joe one last time. I think it's really sad Muhammad Ali never gave Joe Frazier that Dean Martin Jerry Lewis moment. It would have been a great thing to see as their rivalry will always be linked in the annals of boxing history. I hope it's not too late for Ali to give his old friend and rival a final farewell as he goes to his resting place. Thanks for the memories Joe Frazier. RIP


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