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John Cena: Dead?

Updated on June 4, 2013

Is John Cena Really Dead?

John cena, currently one of the biggest superstars of WWE ( World Wrestling Entertainment) was reported dead of a major car accident. The website that reported claimed that he was pronounced dead at the scene of accident.

Another facebook post also claims that the superstar john cena is dead of a head injury he suffered while practicing a wrestling stunt. The post leads to a facebook page "R.I.P. John Cena" by Shanel Daughtridge. The page claims to have the link to the original video clip from WWE and threir efforts to save John Cena.

Two different stories of death of "ONE" superstar in less than 2 months is too much and uncalled for. These fake news are only posted to increase the page visits. Many people fall for these fake news while those who believe in such fake news clicks the links and find nothing more than a malicious software being installed on their computer or just waste their time and bandwidth.

The fake news of deaths of celebrities on the internet is not new. There have been many fake posts such as RIP Morgan Freeman and RIP John Cena. The only way to find the real story is to read it on trusted websites. If the news is true then trusted news websites will surely contain the news.

And for the record, John Cena is alive and perfectly fit for wrestling!

John Cena Vs The Rock


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