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Jumping into a very cold swimming pool

Updated on January 3, 2013

Ouch thats cold

Opened the swimming pool last week just before my girlfriend arrived for a stay and dared her to take the plunge. I knew the water would be cold but it was only when I placed my hand in to clean the filter did I realize how cold it was and began to laugh to myself of what was about to happen.

Earlier in the day I told my girlfriend how my daughter had jumped in last year and the reaction she showed to the cold water and it was during the conversation that she agreed as a good sport to do it herself, I said it was only fair that if she jumped in I would swim 2 lengths after her.

Well to my surprise she went for it and as you can see from the video for a split second it shows how cold the water was and she then puts on such a brave face.

I went in afterwards diving in to cover as much of the 2 lengths as possible as quickly as possible and it really took your breath away.

I tested the water afterwards and it was only 9

The following day I challenged Naomi to try to enter the pool one step at a time via the roman steps, which ended up being one step to far.

Now thats cold

The challenge the following day


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