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Keep Calm and Read the CMLL Running Diary

Updated on July 28, 2017

It's time gang! The sun has gone down, the moon has come out, numerous peeps have wasted money they'll never get back on the abomination known as The Emoji Movie and CMLL Super Viernes is just moments away. It's the last one before the big Sam Adonis-Blue Panther, hair vs. hair show next week too, meaning it's CMLL's last chance to put together anything else they want to run for that show. Excited? You should be. Especially if you for some reason saw The Emoji Movie today. Compared to that, CMLL is going to look like Buffy Summers in season two. But enough talk of beautiful women; let's get to the Running Diary! Moses, you know what time it is.

9:30: We are coming to you live from my living room. Promoting is done, pizza is eaten; all that's left is for cubsfan to post the link and we're in business. And right on cue, WE ARE IN BUSINESS!

9:31: We also have no sound. Dammit CMLL; show hasn't even begun and we already have speaker issues? This is a bad sign, a bad sign I tell thee.

9:32: And just like that the sound is working again! I like how CMLL is keeping us on our toes to start this show. Our first match is Stukita and Electrico taking on Mercurio and Pequeno Nitro. As I said in my preview, this all depends on the rudos. If Mercurio and Nitro want it, this match can be really fun. If Mercurio decides to spend his time biting people in the nipple while Nitro takes a cat nap, then we're screwed more than Euron Greyjoy come the end of season seven.

9:35: We're off! Stukita and Mercurio start with some fast paced chain wrestling. If Mercurio is willing to start with this pace, it's a good sign.

9:36: Mercurio has already had enough and tags in Nitro. He grinds the pace to a halt and takes Stukita down, but the technico is up to the challenge and soon gets Nitro in a leg lock. He then rolls the rudo out just to arm drag him, then puts him in a headlock while he tags in Electrico.

9:38: Nitro has worked Electrico into an arm wrench. He then Irish Whips the technico, who makes Electrico pay with a headscissors to the floor. Mercurio comes in for some pin attempts (the first of which looked sloppy), but Electrico kicks out of both, then lures Mercurio to his corner so Stukita can come off the top with a crossbody.

9:39: Nitro ends Stukita's run, but Electrico is in to turn the tide. This leads to an AWESOME spot where Nitro goes for a springboard cannonball, only for Electrico to reverse it into a Pancake Driver for the pin. That was as smooth as smooth can be. Meanwhile Stukita gets Mercurio in the rolling Romero Special and it's 1-0 technicos just like that. A fun start I dare say.

9:41: Fall two begins with Electrico and Mercurio. Electrico keeps the momentum going at first, sending Mercurio to the floor, but he bites off more than he can chew with Nitro and ends up caught between him and Mercurio. The latter catches Electrico in the wheelbarrow, allowing Nitro to jump off the apron and ride Electrico down for a great double team.

9:43: More great double teams! The rudos isolated Stukita on the ramp and double military press slammed him hard. This leaves Electrico alone in the ring and he falls victim to a codebreaker out of the wheelbarrow. Stukita comes back, only to eat a Canadian Destroyer from Mercurio. We are tied and it's pretty clear the rudos are taking this one seriously. ABOUT FRIGGIN TIME!

9:45: Fall three is on and Mercurio is tying Stukita's mask to the turnbuckle. He then stomps on him to huge boos. Nitro is meanwhile tearing at Electrico's mask, because why disrespect one mask when you can disrespect two?

9:46: Mercurio now has Stukita on the top rope and practically unmasks the technico (leading to a distraction while Stukita makes sure the mask is still on. The rudos then briefly move the fight to the floor, where they keep control on both Stukita and Electrico.

9:47: Stukita ducks a clothesline, does an arm drag and the comeback is on! Electrico then comes in and hits a dangerous looking hurricanrana to send Nitro to the floor, and Stukita quickly follows suit by sending Mercurio there with a dropkick.

9:48: Nitro is back in but the speed game of Stukita is too quick, with the technico arm dragging him several times. Nitro then goes to the corner, tries to leap frog Stukita and is instead caught and dropped on his face. Bad moment for Nitro!

9:49: Mercurio briefly grounded Stukita, but it lasts all a minute before Stukita ais arm dragging him and doing spin-a-roonies. Mercurio is eventually sent to the floor and Stukita does a fake dive to bring in Electrico and Nitro.

9:50: A weird sequence leads to Nitro slapping Electrico then whipping him to the corner. Electrico finds himself on the top rope and comes off with a hurricanrana, followed by what looked like a wrist lock DVD. Nice. Mercurio is in and sadly, I think he was just biting Electrico's ass. And we were doing so well.

9:51: 619 by Electrico in the corner, followed by a springboard crossbody, a headscissors and a clothesline. Nitro is late to break up the pin so Mercurio merely kicks out. Nitro quickly turns the tide and hits a standing double stomp, but Stukita is in for the save.

9:52: THAT WAS ONE HELL OF A POWERSLAM BY STUKITA! Mercurio is in to break up the pin, and soon Electrico is saving Stukita from defeat after he eats a Mercurio powerbomb. A series of reversals takes place between Electrico and Mercurio, culminating in Electrico just getting Mercurio down for a DVD, then hitting a springboard elbow. That's all for Mercurio! Stukita is in with Nitro, plants him in the corner and hits a moonsault on all three ropes (each better than the last) to give the technicos the win as the crowd goes wild. I liked this match a lot during the first two falls, then only sort of liked this match the rest of the way. The third fall was a little too sloppy for my tastes and some of the sequences seemed to take forever to happen because guys were moving too slow just to get it right. Even with that though, this was better than expected, with the rudos performing better than expected while the techncios, at least to me, were a little less than expected. Either way that's a pretty good opener.

9:57: Match two is here! Pegasso, Esfinge and Fuego take on Puma, Tiger and Raziel. In other words, three awesome rudos against an above average technico and two third wheels. And yes, Pegasso and Esfinge are the third wheels. They also may as well be the girl in this picture.

10:01: Puma and Fuego are captains. Stunning.

10:02: Pegasso and Raziel will start. What a weird ass combo. I mean it's probably not and I've probably watched these guys against each other over 9,000 times on Tuesday shows over the past couple of years, but damn does it feel weird. Maybe I'm just losing it?

10:04: A solidly worked but uneventful sequence ends with Pegasso sending Raziel to the floor then doing a fake dive. I somehow stayed awake the entire time! Puma and Esfinge will now do battle.

10:06: Tiger really slowed this bad boy down, working Esfinge over on the mat. The technico finally gets things going, work up and uses his speed to his advantage, though the best he can do is stalemate to bring in Fuego in his steed. You know what that means; Puma time!

10:07: Puma and Fuego immediately turn up the pace, with the technico sending Puma to the floor. Tiger then comes in, only to get wrecked by Esfinge. Raziel sends him packing, withstands Pegasso and DESTROYS HIM WITH AN AWESOME DRIVER! That was great. Pegasso is done, and no sooner is he sent to the showers is Puma reverse Alabama Slamming Tiger onto Fuego AND Esfinge. Sweet finish to a first fall rudo victory. Once more (you open the door?) we're off to a good start.

10:10: Fall two begins with me wondering if I just saw Terrible in the Arena Mexico restaurant. I'm going to choose to believe it was. Why? Why not is the better question. Puma just suplexed Fuego for a near fall by the way.

10:11: Tiger and Puma are in cruise control, taking Fuego out with a dropkick then getting Esfinge only so Tiger can superkick him. Raziel wants in, and so he gets his shot, hitting Esfinge with a weak knee and an even weaker elbow. Pegasso is in and Raziel wastes no time kicking his ass too.

10:12: Pegasso tried to roll out of an attack and instead rolled right into Puma shotgun dropkicking his ass. Ouch. Tiger then sends both Fuego and Pegasso to the floor and it's now Raziel and Tiger two on one with Esfinge.

10:13: Tiger accidentally kicks Raziel and it's COMEBACK TIME! Everyone gets a backbreaker on the rudos, then Esfinge sneaks in a dive on Puma! Fuego then rolls up Tiger for a three count, followed by Pegasso hit the best 450 he has in a long time. And he still landed on his knees too early! We're tied and this has been a fun, if unspectacular affair.

10:15: Fall three begins with Tiger and Esfinge slapping the shit out of each other. Good times. Esfinge dodges a corner attack, gets whipped back into the corner, dodges another corner attack, hurricanarana's Tiger to the floor then jumps off the apron for a hurricanrana on the floor. That's quality.

10:16: Pegasso and Puma in. They do some cool shit too before Pegasso hurricanrana's Puma to the floor and does a fake dive. Time for Fuego and Raziel!

10:17: Fuego does comedy, leading Raziel on with the handshake, before tripping him up, arm dragging him, dodging a clothesline and dancing. He then arm drags Raziel to the floor, arm drags both Tiger and Puma to the floor and sets shit up for the triple dive! Unfortunately the rudos are back in with three kicks, and we instead get three near falls. Such is life.

10:18: Fuego saves Pegasso from a Tiger pin after the latter dropped Raziel on the former. The duo then double hip tosses Tiger, allowing Esfinge to hit a splash. Puma breaks that up and THE ACTION HAS GOTTEN TOO FAST! More pin falls are broken up, people are hitting cool moves and now Pegasso has hit a Vader bomb.

10:20: WHAT A MOVE BY RAZIEL OFF THE TOP! A PUMP HANDLE DRIVER! Esfinge breaks it up and hits a spin kick. This is superb! Pegasso hits a backbreaker on Puma, Raziel hits one on him, Esfinge hits one on him, Tiger hits one on him, Fuego hits one on him, then Puma catches Fuego in a submission and is about to tap him when Esfinge hits the same move. WOW!

10:21: PEGASSO TORNILLO! Fuego ducks back in the ring and hits a dive on Tiger! Puma and Esfinge are the last two, and they go back and forth before Esfinge gets Puma in the bridging leg lock pin and steals the match. Technicos win and excellent bout. My goodness that was much better than I thought. I may be overrating it a smidge, but I thought that was as well worked as possible. No mistakes, lots of exciting moments, high work rate. As good a second match as you can get these days. Very strong match.

10:24: DANGER! DANGER! Another strong match is ahead. The new Mexican National Trios Champions El Cuatrero, Forastero and Sanson take on Drone, Soberano Jr. and Titan. If you thought the last match was good, this will be even better.

10:28: Sanson and Titan are captains. Looks like Forastero (in a white mask) and Drone will start this off. Watch this be Cuatrero and I'll have to correct it later on.

10:29: And I believe the announcers just said it's Cuatrero. Dammit Dinamitas!

10:30: Drone significantly out wrestled Cuatrero to start this, so Sanson comes in to relieve his bro. Unfortunately for him Titan has come to fight him. I guess it wasn't Soberano at least; Sanson couldn't beat that guy in a board game right now, let alone a wrestling match.

10:31: Titan takes very little time to own Sanson, bringing in Cuatrero and our lord and savior Soberano! They waste no time turning on the jets. Soberano ain't got time for mat work!

10:32: The Dinamitas try to double team Soberano and instead wind up bringing Drone and Titan in. The rudos are ready though; Titan is caught by Cuatrero on the floor and powerbombed as hard as humanly possible, while Forastero takes out Drone with an awesome Swanton Bomb. The Dinamitas finally then get over the Soberano hump, triple teaming him to death before getting a three count. 1-0 rudos. A strong start.

10:34: Fall two begins with the Dinamitas triple teaming on the ramp. And I mean they're triple teaming all three guys on the ramp. Gotta love these kids. They eventually bring Drone back in, just so Cuatrero can hold him up so Forastero and Sanson can double double axe handle him.

10:35: Soberano is back in and he too is now eating the triple teams, including an awesome spot where Cuatrero Monkey Flipped Forastero into Soberano. Or maybe it was the other way around. ALL Y'ALL LOOK ALIKE!

10:36: Titan is in and rinse and repeat; the rudos are all over him as the crowd boos.

10:37: Titan is in the corner...TRIPLE KICK! How Young Bucks of the Dinamitas. Drone comes back in and he's still doing poorly, taking a double military press and a sloppy senton drop by Forastero. BUT UH OH; the rudos decide to taunt and get kicked out of the ring. This allows the technicos to do the TRIPLE DIVE!

10:38: A second straight sequence of dives leads to Drone hitting Sanson with the Bala Knees. Soberano and Titan then go up to the top together (!!!) and...WOW! A SPLASH/LEG DROP COMBO OFF THE TOP! Sanson is done and this game is tied. Excellent ending to a good fall. In between the falls, Titan kicks Sanson in the balls while Terrible looks on in satisfaction from the stands.

10:40: Fall three starts with Soberano and Titan chasing two of the Dinamitas up the ramp. They stun them, run up the stairs and SOBERANO HITS THE 900 WHILE TITAN HITS A CROSSBODY! BOTH WERE PERFECT!

10:42: Drone and Forastero are in the ring. Drone fakes a kick and fools Forastero enough to roll around and hit another kick. He then hits a headscissors to send Forastero to the floor, bringing in Cuatrero. The rudo initially looks good, but a roll attempt leaves him prone for a springboard Titan splash!

10:43: Titan goes Matrix, then hits his own headscissors to send Cuatrero to the floor. Sanson is in to put a stop to this, which means it's only a matter of time before Soberano is in to own him. Hey, RIGHT ON CUE! Soberano comes off the top with a 900, then heads to the ramp so he can do that awesome running springboard hurricanrana!

10:44: Foraster came in and put Soberano in an armbar, so Drone came in for the save. He hits the Lionsault, which Cuatrero breaks up. Cuatrero hits a German, which Titan breaks up, followed by Titan going for a running hurricanrana off the top, Cuatrero reversing AND THEN TITAN REVERSING INTO THE HURRICANRANA! Sanson breaks that up.

10:45: HOLY HELL! SANSON JUST DID THE UG SUPERPLEX FROM THE APRON TO THE RING BETTER THAN UG! I believe Soberano made the save. He's rewarded for that by getting stomped by all three rudos as the crowd boos. This rules.

10:46: HOLY HELL AGAIN! All three technicos go up the top rope, all three nearly slip off and fall and all three somehow don't and hit awesome dives!

10:47: SANSON WITH A SPRINGBOARD CROSSBODY TO THE FLOOR! In the ring, Cuatrero and Forastero take care of Drone, giving them a 3 on 2 advantage. Titan is in to brawl with Cuatrero, who hits a nice spinebuster and leaves Titan prone for an AWESOME Forastero springboard shotgun dropkick. The New Dinamitas win an unbelievably great match. WOW!

10:50: I don't want to descend too much into hyperbole here, but that match elft me with the same feeling I had after I saw Volador/Cavernario vs. UG/Valiente, Caristico/Soberano vs. UG/Sanson, Volador vs. Cavernario and several New Japan matches I've seen this year. That was special. There were a few sloppy spots, but how can you hold that against these six when everything else was top notch? Crazy spots, great work rate, high drama; this was definitely one of the best trios matches in CMLL this year. Amazing stuff. And that's after there was a really strong match right before it. This is turning into a barn burner of a show.

10:52: And to make things better, we're now moving on to another potentially great match. Stuka Jr. now takes on Hechicero in a Lightning Match. The only potential issue here is time; otherwise I wouldn't doubt these two deliver the goods themselves.

10:54: Then again, Rob Viper just reminded me that Hechicero had a Lightning Match with Angel de Oro a few months ago that was Macho Man's rap CD bad. So perhaps this won't work out at all. We'll find out now, as the match begins with Hechicero and Stuka heading to the mat, aka Hechicero's playground.

10:55: Stuka holds his own to start, getting Hechicero to his feet so he can arm drag him. They then do more chain wrestling, with Hechicero lifting Stuka up onto his shoulders, followed by Stuka reversing it into a hurricanrana, followed by Hechicero reversing that into a sunset flip roll up! And Stuka followed that up with a roll up of his own. My fears have been quelled (for now).

10:56: The two exchange slaps before Hechicero pulls the straps down. He slaps Stuka, blocks a Stuka slap then kicks the technico to the floor. Stuka gets back in quickly and turns on the jets when Hechicero whips him into the ropes. Stuka then hits an arm drag that sends Hechicero to the floor and nails a Torpedo Suicida! Very nice.

10:58: Hechicero hits a hot shot on Stuka getting back in the ring, then comes off the ropes with an awesome springboard elbow! It's only a two count, and Hechicero gets mad at the ref as we pass the four minute mark. Hechicero quickly hits a buckle bomb on Stuka then stomps the shit out of him in the corner! COME ON HECHI!

10:59: Stuka is up and he avoids a spear by Hechicero that sends him to the floor. Stuka goes up top and WHAT A GORRAM MOONSAULT THAT WAS! And to think; I thought he was going for the no look moonsault crossbody!

11:00: Back in the ring. Stuka charges Hechicero, goes for a hurricanrana and is instead planted with a sitout powerbomb! Only two for Hechicero as we pass the 5:30 mark. Crowd is getting on Hechiceor, who picks Stuka up, goes for another buckle bomb and is instead reversed into a Code Red that Stuka practically hit with his toes! It's only a near fall though.

11:01: Hechicero sends Stuka into the corner and it's the high knee! Hechicero then climbs to the top AND MISSES THE BEST MOONSAULT EVER! Stuka then tries his own, but Hechicero gets the boots up and then twirls Stuka around till he nails that awesome backbreaker of his. One. Two. THREE! Hechicero is victorious in a really strong Lightning Match. Nothing they did could top the last match, but these two were game anyway, with Hechicero looking awesome as usual and Stuka stepping up his game for the occasion. A good Lightning Match and holy shit, we haven't had a bad match on this show yet!

11:03: They are interviewing Terrible in the restaurant and my Grodd he's just as brilliant here as he is in the ring! They should start an interview segment in the restaurant with Terrible as the host. Let's call it Dinner with Terrible. Who says no?

11:06: We now return to the lucha libre! Diamante Azul, Valiente and Blue Panther will take on Rush, Pierroth and Sam Adonis, the last time Sam and Panther will meet before next week's hair match. I can't imagine this being as good as the last four matches, but it'll be heated, and the Panther-Adonis stuff should be AWESOME!

11:08: Big cheers for Panther as he comes out. I'd be watching my back if I was him...AND THAT'S WHY BECAUSE SAM ADONIS IS HERE AND HE'S BEATING PANTHER DOWN! SOMEONE HELP HIM DAMMIT! It appears Edgar may be holding the technicos back in the ring while Sam chokes out Panther on the ramp and Rush/Pierroth make the slowest entrance in history.

11:09: Diamante finally gets on the ramp...right as Rush gets there to start beating him up. The brawling is on, with Sam beating Panther up with the Trump Flag and even choking Panther out with his own shirt. Meanwhile, the other four guys do other stuff!

11:10: Rush and Pierroth are now holding Panther back in the ring as Sam tees off on him with the flag. Edgar tries to intervene, but Sam merely shoves him down and continues to hit Panther with the flag, giving the technicos a DQ win as the crowd heavily boos Sam and the Ingobernables. It's getting heat thus far and that's all that matters.

11:13: Fall two begins the same way fall one ended; Sam is beating up Blue Panther while the Ingobernables do other stuff. Alright, not quite the same.

11:14: Blue Panther is trying to fight back, but the numbers game is too much. Crowd is REALLY heated. Rush whips Panther into the corner, Rush and Pierroth take turns clothesline him then send him into Sam for a clothesline. Sam follows that up with the Hulk Hogan leg drop, because why the fuck not?!

11:15: PANTHER BREAKS FREE! HE'S ALL OVER SAM AS THE CROWD GOES NUTS! Diamante and Valiente send Rush to the floor and Panther is shoving Edgar off of him! Panther then sends Adonis over the railing, forcing poor Edgar to come all the way outside so he can DQ Panther and give Sam the fall. This has no effect on Panther, who merely pushes Sam into the first row again! This is great ain't it?

11:16: THEY'RE BRAWLING INTO THE STANDS! Panther is whipping Sam's ass right in front of a ton of cheering Arena Mexico fans.

11:17: They're now fighting near the announcer's booth! Panther chopping Sam and do I love this shit or what?! The bell for fall three begins and the crowd is absolutely ape shit as Panther continues to pound Sam further into Arena Mexico.

11:18: The rudos are causing trouble near the booth while Panther, Valiente and Diamante play to the crowd in the ring. This is awesome. Sam is now threatening to walk out with the Trump Flag, BUT DIAMANTE STEALS IT AND RIFLES IT INTO THE SEATS!

11:20: Everyone is taken out, Panther and Sam are alone in the ring...and HOLY SHIT, PANTHER JUST TAPPED SAM WITH NUDO LAGUNERO! That was not the finish I expected. The technicos win a match with little to no wrestling, but a whole lot of heat and a whole lot of awesome brawling, with a result that no puts some serious doubt into who wins next week. Great stuff.

11:22: Panther cuts a quick promo while Sam waves the Trump Flag from atop the announcer's booth. He teases coming in to fight Panther, but then ducks out and takes the mic himself. DON'T SAY PUTO AGAIN SAM!

11:24: He didn't say puto. Well done! Sam then runs off as Panther picks up cash from the ring. This match had zero wrestling whatsoever, but the angle was so hot they threw cash in the ring anyway! Have I mentioned I can't wait for next week? This is amazing.

11:27: The good news; CMLL has one more match left! The bad news; it's one last chance for CMLL to ruin this show. It'll be tough for them to accomplish that though, as the next match is Niebla Roja, Caristico and Mistico against Mephisto, Gran Guerrero and Ultimo Guerrero.


11:32: Niebla Roja is out to meet Gran Guerrero on the stage as Mistico and UG are announced as captains. Gran gets the advantage and to the ring we go, with the rudos in control.

11:33: Gran Guerrero swings Niebla Roja into the barricade three times, then powerbombs Roja hard on the floor. Gran Guerrero is awesome!

11:35: In CMLL's first slip up of the night, the stream died for a minute! Luckily it's back now and the rudos are still in control, with UG tapping Mistico with Pulpo Guerrero while Mephisto ends Caristico with Devil's Wings. 1-0 rudos. Okay start.

11:37: Fall two begins with the Guerreros and Mephisto owning Roja on the floor.

11:39: It's still going...UNTIL CARISTICO COMES OFF THE ROPES AND HURRICANRANA'S MEPHISTO OF FHTE GUERRERO'S SHOULDERS! Mistico then comes in with a hurricanrana from the stage, sending Gran Guerrero to the floor and allowing Roja to go full tope con hilo. Mistico then gets UG in La Mistica and we are tied! More decent stuff, with the exception of Mephisto falling down as Carsitico went for La Caristica. I think that's the first bad spot of the night!

11:43: Fall three is on with Mistico and Mephisto starting off. Mistico is in fine form, going fast and quickly sending Mephisto to the floor. He then sends UG to the floor too AND COMES OFF THE TOP WITH AN AWESOME HURRICANRANA! Did everyone forget the big show is next week?!

11:44: Roja and Gran Guerrero are in, only Gran Guerrero quickly ducks out to the apron. Roja follows briefly and taunts Gran into coming back in, only for Gran to duck back out, duck back in and so on and so forth. Great rudo tactics by Gran.

11:45: Caristico and Mephisto are in and playing to the crowd. Caristico hits the ropes and hits an awesome springboard rana. UG is in and he ain't fairing much better, eating a Caristico hurricanrana before rolling to the floor. Caristico hits the ropes, stops, and nails another springboard rana! This draws Gran Guerrero in, which brings in Roja. HERE WE GO!

11:46: Huge mask tear by Gran. Roja quickly responds by ripping Gran Guerrero's mask. EVERYBODY'S MASK RIPPED!

11:47: Roja comes out of the corner with a shotgun dropkick that sends Gran Guerrero to the floor. A lot of action happens before UG is sent to the floor, nailed with a Caristico suicide dive and an AWESOME Mistico senton from the ramp!

11:48: In the ring, Mephisto and Gran Guerrero try to double team Roja, but Roja rolls up Mephisto to eliminate him, then takes control of Gran, goes up top and nails the Double Underhook Pancake Driver! That's a clean win from the technicos, made all the more sweeter when Roja pulls of Gran's mask afterwards. Good main event. Not on the same level as some matches tonight, but still very strong, helped by the fact that it ended clean too! Now we have some closure to this issue for the next week, so the focus can all be on Blue Panther vs. Sam Adonis. Only one week left folks!

11:50: Wait a minute...UG is kneeling over Gran Guerrero here as Niebla Roja has the mic. Nothing comes of it though as all the rudos run to the back. Looks like something we'll get to the bottom of after next week. Or maybe even next week. Who knows? Who cares?! What a great show this was and what a great show we may be in for next week. If it's anything like tonight, we're in for a real treat.

That's game sports fans. I will now disappear into the darkness to play NHL 17. Fun stuff. Till we meet again, THIS!

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Random Speed Racer picture is random

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    Author Google AnalyticsThis is used to provide traffic data and reports to the authors of articles on the HubPages Service. (Privacy Policy)
    ComscoreComScore is a media measurement and analytics company providing marketing data and analytics to enterprises, media and advertising agencies, and publishers. Non-consent will result in ComScore only processing obfuscated personal data. (Privacy Policy)
    Amazon Tracking PixelSome articles display amazon products as part of the Amazon Affiliate program, this pixel provides traffic statistics for those products (Privacy Policy)
    ClickscoThis is a data management platform studying reader behavior (Privacy Policy)