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Oh Hail Our Kenyan Runners - Poem

Updated on July 27, 2012
kenyan champions
kenyan champions | Source

It all genesised back in 1983

The world got to know that Kenya exists

Kipchoge Keino made us proud

He came home with gold, the first African, the first Kenyan

And Kenyans got to know that God did not forget Kenya after all

Oh Hail our Kenyan runners, you made us proud time and time again.

Who are they, and where do they come from?

They asked, they researched, they hypothesized!

Anatomy and physiology they applied

Oh, they run to school barefooted

It must be their valleys and mountains,

Early in the morning, at lunch and back again in the evening

They are always on the run

They concluded, they mythologize

But the prophets knows, God did not forget Kenya

Oh Hail our Kenyan runners, May the almighty keep your legs stronger for bigger strides

You got the wise at it once again

Not satisfied at what they found earlier

They camped at the highlands of Riftvalley

Let’s watch them from dawn to dusk

Oh it must be their weird diet, the flies, the wild fruits

It must be the spoilt milk, the wild animals’ meat

These talents should have been in a fast world

Amazing treasure indeed found in biggest continent

Oh Hail our Kenyan runners, may God keep your digestive systems strong

May the food you ingest be therapeutic to your bodies

kenyan Flag
kenyan Flag | Source

Our Kenyan runners, our sons and daughters,

You carry the Black, Red, Green, White and the shield,

You made the whole world know that Kenya exists

You came from humble backgrounds

Travelled in devices foreign to you

Run in the countries with people whom their skin color is different from yours

Tried to understand their accent as they try to understand yours

Eat their food, and missed Ugali, Isageek, Isoik, Mursik, nyama choma, chapati

You sacrificed to make your country proud

Oh Hail our Kenyan runners, we will always ever be proud of you.

Blessed are the Fathers and mothers who birthed you

Blessed are the hands who nurtured you

Blessed are the days the heroes and heroines were born

Blessed are the communities that provide the unwavering support

Blessed are you our runners, who never shy away with your talents

Blessed are your families, who are willing to share you with the rest of the world

And blessed is the name of the Lord for choosing Kenya to be your home

Kenya now is proudly called ‘The Home of the Champions’

Oh Hail our Kenyan runners, may the sovereign lord,

Bless you as you go out and as you come in, today and days be yonder

Be wary our runners, watch out for the master devil

Ready to devour your spirits and your souls

Ready to tarnish your golden opportunities,

Watch out for the distracters

Watch out for those with evil intentions

The world knows you have a precious heavenly gift,

Talents that no one can snatch away from you

They are always conspiring how to get you down

Be at the right place, at the right time, with the right people, for the right reasons

Do your part our Kenyan runners, and the good Lord will do his part.

It is that time again and off you go to train

You sacrificed your children’s play time, your spouse’s time

The family reunions, birthdays, weddings, graduations

So committed to carry the Kenyan’s flag to victory

On that blessed day not even one soul will lay thy head

Will be staring at the motion pictures,

And the lucky few will watch you in person

Cheering our champions at the top of our lungs

And as always, your powerful legs will take you to the finish line

Once again, many more gold for the motherland

Oh Hail our Kenyan runners, we are proud of you our sons and daughters.

As you represent Kenya again and again

Let the God of all creation be your shield and defender

Every Kenyan soul intercedes for you

Come home with gold medals

Come home in one piece, a healthy one piece

Thee awaits in high anticipation

The air full of melodious chords of merriment

The high table is set with your delicacies

The parade awaits your triumphant entry

Oh Hail and Hail our Kenyan champions, welcome home our victors!

‘Hongera' our warriors

For making us known in the world

There exists the ‘Republic of Kenya’

God after all did not forget Kenya

Long life our Kenyan champions, Long life Kenya!

Oh Hail our Kenyan runners, you made us proud time and time again

©2012 F. Tonui. All rights reserved.


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    • chepkoluumugulel profile image

      chepkoluumugulel 5 years ago from Texas

      "Amani na Uhuru...natujenge taifa letu...! Eeh ndiyo wajibu wetu, nasi tujitoe kwa nguvu" - This is the kenyan National Anthem in Swahili.

      Amen! may the good lord see our sons and daughters through, they made us proud.

    • profile image

      Rachel 5 years ago

      Eh mungu nguvu yete, ilete baraka kwetu, Haki iwe ngao na ulinzi, na tukae na udugu, Amani na ustawi, kila siku tuwe na shukrani.

      Bless and watch over our atlethes