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The Best Tricep Workouts That Build Muscle Fast

Updated on June 19, 2015

Muscle Building Exercises

Secrets to Tricep Muscle Growth

One of the most popular and most noticeable muscles on the body are the tricep muscles that reside on the outer part of the upper arm. It is one of the most commonly coveted muscles because they are so evident and therefore many bodybuilders and weightlifting enthusiasts will find themselves asking, What workouts will help you get bigger tricep muscles and encourage tricep muscle growth?

The tricep muscles are very similar to any other muscle that you would work out in the gym. But before I go into the specific exercises that will help you get bigger tricep muscles, its important to mention these guidelines that you should always keep in mind when working out at the gym. These guidelines will help encourage muscle growth, and also prevent injury for overtraining. As far as guidelines go,

  • its important not to overtrain the particular muscle group. This means that you should not be working out that muscle more than 3 or 4 times a week.
  • Stretch before working out those muscles to prevent injury, and when you do start your tricep exercises - make sure that you start off with a lower weight that you can easily do at least 10-12 times. Do not start your first rep with a heavy amount of weight, you will be putting yourself at risk of injury.
  • Variety is very important when it comes to growing bigger muscles. Try to change your workout routine and workout exercises about ever 3 or four weeks. When you keep your muscles guessing, your much more likely to grow muscle faster and it will ultimately prevent you from plateauing after a few weeks of working out.

Good Bodybuilding Tricep Workouts

Overhead Tricep Extension

Overhead tricep extensions are on of my favorite tricep exercises because they really target the tricep muscles specifically. For this exercise you will need a flat bench, and a medium weight dumbell. Sit down on the flat bench and pick up the dumbell in a way that gets you ready to hold the dumbell just above your shoulders but behind your neck. You will see a picture of what this will look like on the left, I recommend doing a weight that you can comfortably do around 8 to 10 times.

Bench Dips

Bench Dips are another great way to build the tricep muscles, and no weights are required. First, you want to find a flat bench and sit on it perpendicular with your feet facing outward perpendicular to the bench, with your toes facing the ceiling. Sit on the bench with your palms beside you on the bench and lower yourself in front of the bench press so that your butt is moving toward the floor, go down about 6 inches and then pull yourself up by straighting out you arms until you are back to the height of the bench. This bodybuilding exercise targets the tricep muscles as well as the chest and shoulder muscles.

One Arm Cable Tricep Extensions

This is a tricep exercise that is really easy to do and its also very effective at building muscle on the arms. Go to the cable machine and select the handle that is designed for only one arm at a time. Stand up straight facing the cable and pull the cable down with one arm until your hands reach your waistline, then slowly let the cable go back up and repeat. You can also do this exercise using two arms at once if you have the handle (rope) that is designed for using 2 arms.

How To Build Muscle Faster and Build Strength Faster

One of the best ways to ensure that you are going to build muscle fast and recover from workouts quicker is to make sure that you are getting enough protein in your diet. A good way to make sure your body is getting plenty of protein and other nutrients is to look at bodybuilding supplements that help you build muscle faster. Some of my favorite protein supplements are 100% Whey Protein Gold Standard by Optimum Nutrition and if you are looking for a good pre-workout supplement that has both creatine and nitric oxide I would go with N.O.- XPlode.

N.O.- Xplode is a great pre-workout supplement because it contains beta-alanine, L-arginine, nitric oxide, creatine and the perfect amount of caffeine (not too much to make you feel jittery). The combination of all of these nutrients helps to increase your pump, intensity, stamina and endurance in the gym and it will really help you push the limits when you are working out in the gym. If you want your tricep muscles to grow, its important that you have the energy and stamina to push your muscles to the limit so that they are forced to grow by being shocked into growth. Shocking your muscles into growth requires that you work your muscles harder than what they are normally used to, and when you feel that burn or when you are doing arm curls and you simply can't do anymore because your muscles are so fatigued that they fail. That is what is going to shock your muscles into growth and N.O.- Xplode will help you reach that level of intensity in the gym.


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