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King Sailfish Mounts Review

Updated on April 6, 2012

The place to go for fish mounts and fish replicas.

When you catch a trophy fish and you want to hang it on the wall, don't kill the fish, just get a trophy fish mount from King Sailfish Mounts. They are experts at preserving your once-in-a-lifetime catch.

The company will individually craft the finest Fish Mounts by hand, and they do it one-at-a-time. All of their original fish mount products are carefully painted by their experienced artists who custom blend beautiful, translucent colors in layers to create exciting and beautiful depth of color on each of their creations. The mounted fish products are lightweight and easy to install, and come with a built-in balanced hanger on the back of each mount for ease of installation.

Their most popular mounts are Sailfish, Dolphin, Tarpon and Tuna Mounts. They specialize in all types of mounting, including saltwater fish, freshwater, baitfish and tournament trophies at

King Sailfish Mounts Information

King Sailfish Mounts offers an amazing array of mounted fish replicas, all original. They produce both freshwater and saltwater fish mounts and fish replicas. These pieces of art are also called Release Mounts, fiberglass fish reproductions, that provide fishermen and sportsmen with the absolute highest level of quality and value. Their skilled artists capture the rich beauty and realism of marine and underwater nature, and transform raw materials into the ultimate representation of an angler's most notable catch and achievement.

To order a mount of your trophy, you will need to provide information including the fish species and it's size.  Size can be either by length and/or weight.  A photograph, which is optional, can be helpful during the final painting. This allows the artist to reproduce the specific colors and markings of your fish.

P.O. BOX 480670
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33348
(954) 784-8377
(888) SAILFISH or (800) 809-0009

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