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Kyle D. Pagerly 5K Run

Updated on June 12, 2014
We get to honor our fallen brother, Deputy Sheriff Kyle D. Pagerly, although we would prefer that he still is with us.
We get to honor our fallen brother, Deputy Sheriff Kyle D. Pagerly, although we would prefer that he still is with us. | Source

Tragedy in Pennsylvania

Twenty-eight-year-old Deputy Sheriff Kyle Pagerly was fatally shot in the line of duty. He was a K-9 handler working with a team of law officers to serve a warrant to a crazoid deep in the woods near Kempton when it happened. Kyle Pagerly: Army veteran, volunteer firefighter, and law enforcement officer, was a dedicated and genuine “Dudley DoRight” of Berks County, PA. Furthermore, Kyle was an expectant father, looking forward to the birth of his very first child, lovingly nicknamed “Peanut.” The only small blessing is that it appears that Deputy Sheriff Pagerly did not suffer lengthily. Small consolation to his family and our community.

Community pours out its heart

The injustice of this incident shocked and rallied Kyle’s co-workers, neighbors, acquaintances, and strangers who newly felt kinship with him. People lined the streets when his body was brought back from the hospital. Sheriff Weaknecht gave the police dog who had partnered with Kyle and also lived with him to the widow. People could not do enough for the grieving family. On the day of the memorial service (in Reading, PA's civic center), the county sheriff’s department closed so that all fellow sheriffs and support staff could attend. Fellow firefighters, K-9 police and law officers up and down mid-Atlantic came to say farewell and also lined both sides of the street for blocks to honor Kyle.

Community digs into its pockets

Ironically, a planned fund-raising event at the Exeter Dairy Queen intended to support law enforcement in general was quickly re-purposed to support Kyle’s pregnant widow. Fund raising expanded exponentially over past local causes. It continues to grow with many events every week (see the county sheriff's website.) And, Berks Countians give of their assets unselfishly. I believe that for many of us it symbolizes our gratitude to every public servant who willingly works at a life-risking job. Kyle Pagerly was an Everyman of selfless, dedicated public service. He represents all we admire and appreciate in our emergency responders and law enforcers.

Kyle Pagerly Memorial 5K Run/walk

Local billboards announce a fund raising run, also a re-purposed event. The Berks County Sheriff’s Department is presenting the first annual Kyle Pagerly Memorial 5K Run/Walk on Sunday October 16, 2011. It will be in Shillington Park along Route 724 in Southern Berks County, PA. The registration fees run between $30 and $45. Funds collected will benefit the Kyle Pagerly Memorial Fund.

How the money is administered

A committee comprised of Kyle’s widow, Alecia, and members of the Sheriff’s Department will make decisions regarding the funds. Alecia has already said she would like to give extra money to the charities that Kyle supported. This makes me wonder how much money is being collected – which is none of my business --- and makes me hope that the “elders” guiding her and the committee will plan wisely so that little “Peanut Pagerly” will neither want for the necessities nor be given a false concept of economics and the world. I sense that generous Alecia may not (and how could she?) know all the expenses of raising a child – the cost of children’s shoes alone is staggering! - and thus want to start giving money away. Also, I hope the trustees are wise enough and knowledgeable enough to invest the money is a safe medium – not victim to the stock market drops and fluctuations.

My special stock-market-proof offering

When this tragedy happened, I did the best I could: I added the entire extended Pagerly family to my “A list” of people to pray for. These are people whom I lift up to the Great Source of Goodness daily. No matter what happens in politics or stock markets, that will never get de-valued. Perhaps you would like to try this, too.

Photo and text copyright 2011 Maren E. Morgan.


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