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LCS Week 3 Day 2 Recap

Updated on February 9, 2020
VPHernandez profile image

VPHernandez is a High School Senior who has plenty of insight into the world of competitive gaming known as E-Sports.

League of Legends LCS Esports Week 3 - Day 2

With week 3 day 2 of the LCS coming to a close, many teams are striving to prove to the competition that they are ready to put up a challenge and make a spot for themselves in playoffs. With many score lines being close to each other, Immortals, 100 Thieves, Golden Guardians, TSM, Dignitas, Cloud9, FlyQuest, and Evil Geniuses, look to battle it out to add another win to their record.

Immortals (2-2) vs 100 Thieves (3-2)

Starting off the day, Immortals (IMT) looks to face off against 100 Thieves (100) in order to have a positive record in the LCS, being 2-2. With the team comp consisting of a Cho'gath and Rek'sai, Immortals was looking to get early picks off of 100 Thieves. And with a late game scaling comp coming from 100 Thieves, winning off of a Gangplank and Senna was going to be difficult.

At around 3:33 into the game, IMT successfully executes their game plan of getting early picks. With IMT SOAZ on Cho'Gath and IMT Xmithie on Rek'sai, they were able to lock down the early game Gangplank in the top lane, resulting in a first blood for the Rek'sai. With this first blood, Xmithie was able to completely control the map, snowballing his lead for his team by claiming numerous objectives, including an Infernal Soul at 34:21. This was quickly followed up by a game ending ace at 36:00 minutes with Immortals winning over 100 Thieves, moving to a score of 3-2.

Golden Guardians (1-3) vs Team SoloMid (3-2)

Looking to continue their winning streak, Team SoloMid (TSM) battle Golden Guardians (GGS) with the focus being on TSM Broken Blade and GGS Closer. With both of these players being on the same team in TCL a year ago, both are looking to upset each other to gain bragging rights. However, with TSM Broken Blade on a new pick (Qiyana), TSM were able to beat down GGS.

After a successful tower dive on GGS Hauntzer in the beginning, Broken Blade was able to completely destroy Golden Guardians in the early, mid, and late game. Being able to find flanks, pick off carries, and zoning, Broken Blade beats his former teammate Closer, ending the game in 34:51 minutes and continue TSM's 4-game win streak, moving to 4-2.

Dignitas (3-2) vs Cloud9 (5-0)

After winning their first 3 games of the split, Dignitas (DIG) seem to have slumped a little, losing their last 2 games. And by having to face Cloud9 (C9), the best team in the league so far, DIG was set up to lose this match up as well.

At 3:08, C9 Blaber styled on DIG Grig, beating out his Rek'sai with Lee Sin. With his Lee Sin pick, he was able to be aggressive throughout the entire game, winning out skirmishes and making highlight plays for the team. However, the most surprising part of the game was with C9 Zven's first death of the split. After being deathless in all 5 of his previous games, Zven finally got caught out by an Orianna and Senna ultimate, giving him his first respawn timer. That did not stop C9 from being dominate however, beating DIG in 32:33 minutes and moving to 6-0.

Flyquest (3-2) vs Evil Geniuses (1-4)

With all the hype around the buy outs of Evil Geniuses (EG) in the off-season, EG has yet to prove that they are a contender for playoffs. Looking to prove themselves this week, they face of against FlyQuest (FLY) to hopefully make their money spent worth it.

A 4-man tower dive bot gives EG first blood at 3:39. Soon after, another gank comes at 4:54 in bot lane again, netting EG another kill. Following this trend, a third skirmish happens bit lane at 6:06, giving over another kill. This pattern leave Fly WildTurtle and Fly IgNar hopeless. EG take advantage of this and setup to take objectives such as dragons, towers, and eventually Baron. Picking up the Baron, EG win over FLY in 31:17, starting their quest to prove that they are a contender for playoffs, moving to 2-4.

Week 3 - Day 2 Standings

With a very dominate performance from C9 throughout the split so far, they sit at the top of the standings, being undefeated at 6-0. Following them, TSM pick up 4 straight wins after their horrible 0-2 start, being in second at 4-2. The middle of the pack consists of IMT, 100, DIG, and Fly, all with 3 wins each. Team Liquid (did not play today) fall slightly under them at 2-3 while EG improve their score with a win today, being 2-4. Below them, Counter Logic Gaming (did not play today) continue to be at the bottom of the standings with GGS, sitting at 1-4.


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