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Lucha Underground Review: A Different Kind of Great

Updated on March 2, 2016
Courtesy of Leo Garcia
Courtesy of Leo Garcia

It’s time! It’s time! It’s Lucha Underground review time. And you’ll never believe this, but the LU delivered yet another solid show, with some solid story advancement and a main event that, in this writer’s opinion, was one of the most unique ladder matches in recent memory. Only issue; no end scene. WHAT GIVES LU?! Those scenes have been the best thing since Candice LeRae, and that’s not a statement I make lightly. But enough of my minor gripes; let’s get to the meat and potatoes. ON WITH THE SHOW!


If it’s seemed like our Lucha Underground Champion has been a bit of an afterthought these last few weeks, tonight set him right back in the spotlight in a big way. Like Leo winning the Oscar big. I loved the fact that they opened this show (in some sort of weird shrine area no less) by allowing Mil to not only speak but to actually call out Catrina too. Turns out our Immortan hasn’t been too happy being on the sidelines and in a moment of dissention between him and his beloved finally let it known. Of course, everything with Catrina always has a master plan, and of course this moment was no different. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here!

Kobra Moon defeated Sexy Star

What do you know; Sexy’s return to the Temple had nothing to do with The Moth’s (at least at first) and instead pitted her against Kobra Moon, who seems to be a clear cut ruda here considering Sexy’s popularity. I would’ve liked to have seen these two get more time, but it was fine, and I thought Kobra Moon looked far better here with an opponent who didn’t look like Marlon Brando in Superman. That end sequence in particular was killer, with Sexy putting Kobra in an excellent Billy Goat’s Curse (somewhere, Colt Cabana was marking out) only for Marty (out of his prep clothes) to appear in the crowd, distracting Sexy long enough for Kobra to pull out the win with that Snake Sleeper. Clearly we’re not done with Sexy, Big Willie (who was at ringside for this bout) and the Moths, and it’ll be interested to see whether Sexy got distracted because she’s traumatized from her experiences with The Moths or if that’s all part of a plan. Don’t discount that folks; there’s many a plan going around in the LU.

423-Get-Fame II: Electric Boogaloo!

You know what’s better than yet another Famous B commercial; another Famous B commercial followed by Rey Mysterio catching El Dragon Azteca II watching it and then owning him in a training session because of it. That last part was the most interesting. Certainly more Famous B is always a good thing, but Azteca and Mysterio being the ones to be associated with it? I think this goes to show that the young Azteca is a pretty impressionable dude, which is problematic considering the goal Rey has for both of them once they reach the Temple. Perhaps it’s nothing, or perhaps this is the beginning of an Obi-Wan/Anakin complex that sees an impatient Azteca turn against his mentor. I wouldn’t bet on that right away, but you never know.

The Hunter’s Cabin

Just your run of the mill scene where good old Deer Antlers is hanging out in his cabin with every stuffed dead animal possible, talking about how much he loves the hunt and how he’s going to end Fenix. Good stuff. I hope one day we have a Cuerno feud that leads to someone finding his cabin; that’s a horror scene waiting to happen. Unless it’s Catrina, then it’ll be something out of Cabin in the Woods.

Prince Puma and Pentagon Jr. are Destroyed by Immortan Mil Muertes

As expected, these two showed more than they did last time, starting off fast and furious with a much quicker pace than the first bout. As was also expected, this match had a non clean finish that allows this feud to have more legs. What was unexpected however was the fact that Immortan Mil Muertes, unseen in the Temple all episode, arrived, tore off his cast and proceeded to personally guide Pentagon and Puma to the gates of Valhalla. Clearly the man doesn’t like having time off from kicking ass! Like I said earlier, this episode was all about reminding people how dangerous the LU Champion is and the effortless post match beat down by Mil did just that. And how about that Double Flatliner?! So crisp, so brutal, so well done. If Mil doesn’t use that to finish off both Puma and Pentagon next week, I will be a sad panda. And dammit, I just spoiled the next section!


Indeed, if you thought this week had some big time matches, wait till you see next week. Our Immortan, fresh off his beat down of his two nemeses, decided that he wanted to defend his title next week against both Puma and Pentagon. So yes; Mil Muertes vs. Prince Puma vs. Pentagon Jr. for the Lucha Underground Championship is a thing that will be happening next week! If you thought Puma-Pentagon was money, wait till you see that; the Temple believers will be throwing so much cash in the ring it’ll look like those three are swimming through gold like an episode of Duck Tales. The only thing more amazing than that match being made was what followed, which was Striker and Vampiro announcing that three weeks from tonight is the return of Aztec Warfare!

That’s right, next week we have the ultimate triple threat match between Lucha Underground’s top three dudes, followed by Aztec Warfare two weeks later where twenty LU stars will battle for the right to face the Lucha Underground Champion (presumably Immortan Mil, but you just never know right?). That’s some epic stuff right there, and allow me to call it now; Matanza, led by a returning El Jefe and Black Lotus, will be the one to take home the Aztec Warfare victory and set up the ultimate monster vs. monster match between him and the Immortan. Hey, Vamp and Striker did say invitations would be sent out everywhere and Dario specifically told Black Lotus last week that they were running that scam of feeding people to Matanza to get him ready for something. I’d bet my Batman bobblehead that something is Aztec Warfare. The power struggle is imminent!

Ladder Match for the Gift of the Gods Championship

Fenix defeated King Cuerno

This is going to be a match that gets a lot of mixed reactions (and already has from some people). For myself, I loved it. It may not end up being the best match of LU’s second season and time will tell if it’s better than even the other two matches Cuerno and Fenix had (which may I remind you were two unbelievable bouts). And yes, it wasn’t the classic ladder match in terms of tons of spots and fast paced action. So the fuck what? Not everything ladder match has to be a million miles per hour, and I thought the way they structured this match, as a methodical quasi-street fight that happened to be a ladder match, was perfect. Cuerno was great at slowing the match down to his pace, trying to beat Fenix at the way he knew best while perhaps not having his eye on the ball as much as he should’ve. Fenix meanwhile was forced to slug his way through Cuerno’s control and style, taking advantage of every opening he could to hit a high impact move before finally capitalizing on that last opening for a sick springboard hurricanrana through a table. It may not have been traditionally great and it may not have been great in the way you wanted it too, but was indeed great; a different kind of greatness if you will. Bravo to both of these men, and it looks like we’re back on with Fenix vs. Mil Muertes. Is that perhaps what comes after the triple threat next week? Do we possibly never get Fenix challenging for the belt if Aztec Warfare happens and the winner beats Mil? And what happens to Cuerno now? So many questions and so little time for answers!

And scene. Hope you enjoyed friends; I’ll be back tomorrow with some stuff on the Lucha Libre World Cup. So what if it’s months away?! Till then, things and stuff!

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What was your favorite part of tonight's episode?

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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Aztec Warfare. You called it my man!

      I think that's when Rey and Azteca will appear too, as well as Matanza. I mean all of this build-up for them, only for them to appear on a random episode? It makes sense for them to join us then.

      The Triple Threat match has me thinking that Mil doesn't come out of it unscathed. With Fenix holding the GOTG I do expect Mil to win, but that Fenix will manage to claim his shot for the week after to take advantage of a weakened Mil.

      I loved the metafiction element of Azteca watching the Famous B promo. That was awesome.

      Great stuff as always Cult. How you got Leicester in there I do not know!


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