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Laser Tag In Atlanta

Updated on May 30, 2017
Plenty outdoor areas in Atlanta
Plenty outdoor areas in Atlanta

Outdoor activities are always recommended. They say exercise is good for the body and soul and that you need to get some sun to avoid depression. In my town, there are a lot of green fields where children can run around and have fun. Especially during summer, you see people playing tennis, basketball, soccer, football… it’s great! But the community nonetheless is still suffering TV and video games influences and some young and not so young people are becoming a sad statistic of obesity in Georgia.

Fortunately, a new wave of outdoor choices is taken over the Atlanta Metro Area. Birthday parties, church outings and corporate meetings are all taking part in this new wave of outdoor fun, and leading the way is laser tag. It is a perfect example of an alternative outdoor activity that can be enjoyed by almost everybody as long as they are fit enough to walk fast. Laser tag centers organize small and big events focused on laser tag games and fun. In contrast to paintball or skydiving, laser tag games are good for all ages. Small children play it, adults have their companies’ get-togethers and play it, and teenagers also enjoy it, with school, church, or their group of friends.

To have fun playing enjoying this game you just need some special equipment (the laser tag business should provide you with this), comfortable / sporty shoes and clothing, and especially this summer, sunscreen and plenty of fluids.

The different games that can be played in laser tag in Atlanta have usually as fundamentals working in teams to achieve certain goal(s) like eliminating the other team or getting an element and bringing it to their camp (like a flag).

The equipment usually consists of a gun and a sensor as a minimum. But you can find all kinds of gear out there. There are some good shops in Atlanta that sell rifles and outwear for this purpose. Since laser tag is not really a dangerous sport because nothing is being thrown there is no required helmet or visor.

If you live in Atlanta, GA you are bound to discover very soon the thrills of laser tagging, if you haven’t already!

Laser tag
Laser tag


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