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Learn How to Fly with the Flying Trapeze

Updated on April 5, 2013

Flying Trapeze Introduction for Beginners

Until I tried it on my own I didn't even know that something like that exists. I walked by a sign in Koh Tao and found out that I can take lessons in Flying Trapeze. Doing the same stuff like the circus guys do it all the time sounds great for me.

Learning the Basics

Before you are able to start swinging around in 10 meters you need to know the basic techniques you'll use on the handle. Hanging there takes a lot of energy and you should know what you are about to do when you are in the air before. There are several manoeuvres you can do as a beginner, e.g. using your legs to gain momentum or turn your body by using your arms.

For getting a good grip some chalk is THE tool of the trade. Furthermore you are secured by safety lines which are additionally controlled by the operator who is teaching you.

Start swinging

Face your fear and go for it. It's much easier than it looks like. The less you focus on the height the more you are going to enjoy it.

Background Information

Traditionally a flying trapeze act looks like the following: One flyer is climbing a higher position via a ladder and can see the catcher in the distance. They then coordinate the time when they are jump and start swinging. This is the most important task. If the timing is wrong here, the catcher won't reach the flyer and the act has failed. The flyer performs aerial tricks like flips and twists and is then caught by the catcher, who swings on a separate bar.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I normally learn at the first time?

In your first lesson you can learn how to execute a 'knee hang catch'. After a demonstration on the ground with a practice bar, you'll give it a shot. You are always guided by an instructor who tells you every single step. Then its on you facing your fear and jump with the bar in your hand. To get off the bar simply release and perform a backflip. This is not mandatory of course.

Who can do the Trapeze?

Everyone who is in a normal physical and mental shape. Children above 8 years are able to do basic movements as well.

Is Flying Trapeze dangerous?

Any sport has some kind of risks and therefore a flying trapeze session is being additionally guided by an instructor. Furthermore you are securely attached to safety lines. As with any sporting activity there is a potential for injury. Typically a minor scratch or bruise from physical interaction with the equipment.

How high is a trapeze normally?

A proper trapeze is about 32ft high (10 metres). The pedestall from where you will be jumping is approximately 26ft high (8 metres). Flying trapeze is a safe and controlled way to challenge yourself and try to overcome a possible fear of heights.

Flying Trapeze Koh Tao

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