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Learn How to Play Tennis

Updated on January 2, 2011

In the tennis court the tennis balls will start flying at you and if you have never played the game before you are going to want to know what to do with them. Sometimes it’s as easy as just swinging your racket at the ball and hoping it hits it other times it is not. The main objective of tennis is when the balls come at you need to hit them back at your opponent just as hard as they came to you. This is how tennis matches are won.

Knowing each option in tennis and the different ways that the ball can be hit are essential. There are approximately 8 different possible that keeps the ball in the motion that you want it to be. This along with your body movement is the difference between winning and losing the tennis match you are playing.

There are several basic principles to tennis that we are going to discuss prior to you beginning your first game try to practice these.



The first principal is the stance that you must have. You cannot just stand there and hope for the best having a ready stance while waiting for the ball gives you a better chance to hit it when it comes flying across the net at you. In Pro tennis that you see regularly on TV the professional players that you are watching usually has their legs about a hips width apart and they are bent at the knees. This helps them keep an eye on the ball and focus actually where the ball is going and ready to respond in an instant.



Second you will notice that the players mainly keep both hands on the tennis racquet at all times. There are a couple of reasons for this. One it helps the players maintain control of their racket. Second it allows the players to quickly switch hands if needed.

There are many techniques that player’s use when playing tennis to control the ball for your advantage. They can be applied in different ways and there are some handy little tricks that can instantly improve your game. Once the initial serve has left and the ball is in play it all results in how your opponent will play the ball on what you will do next. The first stroke that you should become familiar with is called the forehand stroke this is when you move the racquet from one side your body to the other when trying to nail the ball.

Another common stroke that you find tennis player’s use quite readily is called the backhand stroke. This is the exact opposite direction of the forearm stroke just in the opposite direction. These are the two most basic strokes in tennis and are a good idea to become familiar with them.

Another type of stroke that you will see many tennis players use is called a volley. This is when you are in the position to hit the tennis ball back at your opponent prior to it ever touching the ground on your side of the fence. If you are able to get these three down with some practice it will bring confidence in your playing ability as well as a deadly backhand.


Pratice Solo

The best way to practice the strokes is on a racquet ball court or if you have a tennis court with a back wall. You can practice your strokes off the wall and when it rebounds try hitting it in different ways and you will be a pro in no time.


How To Practice Solo


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  • profile image

    dreamreachout 7 years ago

    Tennis is the most wonderful game that you can play till ripe old age. Actually, I have seen people dying on a tennis court at the age of 84!!

    What I have also seen is that the most number of dropouts during the learning stage because learning this game is difficult!! All other games, without knowing the nuances, you can atleast do something but in tennis making ball contact is difficult!! After you do make ball contact, the ball either flies away or ends up in the net in two drops or catches the racquet edge and spins in the air!! Once one can beat this stage, he/she can learn and enjoy the sport till eternity!!

    I am not dicouraging but making the readers conscious to overcome the initial pangs of learning the game!!

    Great hub mate!!