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Learn to Wake Board

Updated on October 31, 2012

Learn to Wakeboard Without Falling

Can you imagine what life would be like if you could keep your entire family together while having the time of your life? How incredible would it be to see your child's face when they learn to wake board without ever taking a fall. The power of the internet is making this possible with sites that are dedicated to giving away free videos that can not only teach you to get up on your board without ever taking a fall, but also showing you how to teach everyone else the same process.

Learn How To Wakeboard

Learn to Wakeboard without falling
Learn to Wakeboard without falling
Your daughter will love you for this!
Your daughter will love you for this!

The Best Family Activity in the World

What if I could teach you how to get up on your wakeboard on your very first attempt? What if I could also teach you to teach all your friends and family to learn to wake board without ever taking a fall? Would you be intereted?

What if it were free?

I have been using the same techniques and *power secrets* that I am about to share with you to teach average untalented individuals to learn to barefoot water ski without falling for the last 15 years. What surprised me was that there were not people dedicated to doing the same thing in wakeboarding.

It seems like every bit of free information for learning how to get up on a wakeboard is aimed at super light and strong teenagers who could probably learn to do anything easily.

Well now it is your time to ride with the big dawgs of wakeboarding! All you need to do is stop making the same mistakes that everyone else out there is making. The first big mistake you can make is to go get into the water and try to "wing-it."

The key to making the learning process *too easy* is to get your muscle memory dialed in before you get in the water. In a simple 5 minute video, you can learn the correct "Posture, Glide, and PowerBand" that will give you world class form.

Doesn't it make sense to know what position you are actually trying to get-up into before trying to get-up?

After you have practiced and perfected the standing position, it is time to learn the sitting position which is also known as the 3 Point Postition. Knowing how to sit in the water is the 2nd most overlooked step that amateurs make. This postion gives you total control while the boat is idling and as it powers up to speed.

The BIGGEST MISTAKE that every uneducated beginner makes is trying to get up behind the boat before learning on a water ski boom or a bare foot boom. A barefoot boom is an aircraft aluminum stabilizing pole that can be fitted to any boat. The use of the barefoot boom adds tremendous stability and confidence that allows a beginner to learn at very slow speeds while being next to the driver who can encourage and protect them.

Imagine how great it would be to have your children learn to wakeboard and wakesurf without falling. I can tell you from my own experience that watching your child learn something easily creates a tremendous amount of pride for a dad.

Now imagine the added benefit of getting your wife up on a slalom ski without ever taking a fall. You have to know that the quality of your family life would improve dramatically when you "keep momma happy."

And while you are at it, why not let old dad learn to barefoot without falling with the same techniques (and another free set of videos). Your kids might even think you are cool while they are listening to their favorite tunes and getting a tan!

How to Get Up On Your Wakeboard

Getting ready for the 3 Point Position after practicing the Standing and Sitting Positions on dry land
Getting ready for the 3 Point Position after practicing the Standing and Sitting Positions on dry land

5 Day Free Learn to Wake Board Video Series

Best Family Activity

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    • profile image

      harley chirgwin 7 years ago

      Great article mate! Great for those new to the sport. If anyone is looking for more information on wakeboard equipment selection you should check out this article