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Leatherman Crunch: Multi-Tool Review

Updated on April 20, 2010

Leatherman is a well known brand in multi-tools. They have become the standard. Leatherman's innovated plier design have been copied by many. The Leatherman Crunch introduced a new plier design. Locking pliers also know as vice-grips. Anyone that uses tools often knows how valuable locking pliers are. It is like having a third hand. While needle nose pliers are useful, vice grips allow you to free up your grip and apply more leverage on clamping.

With all the different Leatherman multi-tools on the market, is the Leatherman Crunch right for you? What is so different about the Crunch and why should you get one?

Neat Design

The Leatherman Crunch is small. Smaller than the Wave. The design is very cool. The Crunch pops out and it takes a few seconds to set up the main tool. The result is a small to mid-size vice grip that is very compact and portable when closed. In hand, it feels very well built and like all Leathermans, it has a 25 years warranty. The company stands by it's products and you can see it in the build quality of the Crunch.

High Definition
High Definition


The Crunch is equipped with 13 tools. I won't go through them all but the tools that will be used the most are the vice grips, serrated blade, and large flat-head screwdriver. The Crunch does not have as much tools as the Wave or any standard Leatherman but the main tool makes up for it. The Crunch is what I would consider an accessory multi-tool. Multi-tools will never replace the main counterparts but what you gain is portability and capability. Think of it as having a mini toolbox in your pocket. That is the point of multi-tools and the Crunch will definitely serve me well in the years to come.

Leatherman Crunch next to Sidekick lx
Leatherman Crunch next to Sidekick lx

Slightly Limited

The downside to the Crunch is the lack of complimentary tools. Through the function of it's design, all of the other tools are smaller and limited. Also, what I did not like was the fact that it had 3 size flat head screwdrivers. The big flat head will be the most used. One thing that impressed me was the lock. All of the secondary tools lock firm and solid. You could use the screwdrivers to pry if you are in a grind. The adjusted knob for the vice grip can be removed allowing access to a hex drive. This makes it possible to expand the Crunch into a more versatile tool if coupled with a bit driver. You have to buy it separate. Do I see myself expanding this tool? No. Is it nice to have the option? Yes.

Perfect Complimentary Multi-Tool

Right now I carry the Crunch in my day pack with my Victorinox Soldier.These tools are perfect for my needs. If you are in the market for a nice secondary multi-tool, the Crunch is perfect. I say secondary tool because I believe the Crunch does not fulfill the role completely like a Leatherman Wave, Charge, or Victorinox Champ. The Crunch couple with another multi-tool will complete your portable toolbox perfectly. If you need a third hand, the Crunch is the right tool for you. Currently, it is the only multi-tool on the market with a functional vice grip. I purchased my Crunch for about $45. Shop around. I highly recommend the Leatherman Crunch if you are in the market for a great multi-tool.

Do you like the Leatherman Crunch?

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      Butch45 7 years ago

      Great hub it will sell